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Avoid These Bad Habits to Get Better Skin

If we take great care of our skin, it will manifest physically yet there are times that even if we have a very strong skincare regimen, we still experience skin problems like acne, enlarged pores or dry skin. The answer to this problem lies in our daily habits. If some of our daily habits give positive effects to our skin health, logically we also have habits that are unknowingly ruining our skin.


To achieve healthy, glowing and blemish-free skin, we must avoid these habits that have negative effects on our skin.

Skipping meals

Skipping meals may not look like an obvious reason why we are having skin problems but if we go deeper, we’ll understand better. Apparently, malnourishment does not only show in our body shape, it also reflects our skin health. When we regularly skip meals, our skin becomes undernourished and lacking in nutrients. This will result to our skin being dry and sagging.



Smoking not only affects our internal health but also external as well. It can cause a myriad of skin problems, ranging from wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines. Smoking ages our skin. In addition to that, the chemicals present in nicotine can deplete skin elasticity.

Sampling beauty products

Women like to walk along and explore beauty counters. We see cosmetic testers and go around applying whatever products available into our skin. This can result to skin problems because we may have a negative reaction to a certain chemical present in those products.

Furthermore, using testers at cosmetic counters is unsanitary. The brushes, sponges and lipsticks are not new. They’ve touched a lot of skin from different people and overtime, bacteria can accumulate. It’s best not to go overboard in beauty counters. Always remember to keep skin free from unhygienic and harsh elements.

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