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An Eco-Conscious Wedding

Are you planning an eco-friendly wedding to match the lifestyle you have? Then, do read on for some helpful suggestions that will provide you with the essentials to complete your awesome wedding.


Green Location

As you partake in a new chapter of your lives, what better place to have it than one which lets you be closer to Mother Nature. Surround yourselves with her beauty and majesty and opt for a surreal garden wedding. With an abundance of greenery here in Singapore, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from, starting with the ever-famous Singapore Botanic Gardens. In addition to this, you could book your dream wedding at HortPark, Fort Canning Park, Bedok Reservoir Park, or Pasir Ris Park. For more on these, you could check their website.

Socially-Responsible Gown and Tux

Looking your best isn’t the only thing that’s important on your big day. As an eco-warrior, the gown and tux you will wear should also reflect your stand to conserve Mother Earth. For an eco-friendly attire, you could go vintage or pre-loved. At Etsy, a marketplace where people around the globe buy and sell a wide range of items, you’ll find a selection of vintage wedding gowns and even an assortment of wedding items for the groom’s attire. You can view their unique goods at their website. However, if you can borrow a tux or a gown from a relative or a friend, then why not? This is more eco-friendly and costs nothing at all.


Vegan Cake

A vegan cake is what’s considered to be eco-friendly because it is sustainable and doesn’t require the use of ingredients from farmed animals which contribute to increasing amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. But just because it doesn’t contain dairy or eggs, it doesn’t mean that it’s tasteless and unappealing. With the food revolution at full force, there are now a good number of bakers who create such sweet and delectable cakes for health-conscious, vegan, and eco-conscious customers. A good example of this is Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes at 951 Upper Serangoon Road. For a full catalogue of their cakes and other sweet creations, do visit their website.