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Advantages of Renting an Audio Visual Equipment

Any event with a sizable number of audience involves one thing in common, a sound system. Although video camera set-ups are as important, without the right AV equipment it will be hard for everyone to hear any announcements and to fully enjoy the event. Sound systems are quite expensive, however, so we suggest that you just rent them off for a day or week to cut your cost. Apart from being considerably inexpensive, here are the other advantages of renting an audio visual equipment.


1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the most obvious benefits of opting for the services of an AV equipment rental company is that it saves you a lot of money, time and trouble – especially if you’re unfamiliar with how video projectors and audio systems work.
Choosing the right video and sound system provider for your event will help in organizing your event in a professional and flawless manner, without spending a huge fortune on high-end equipment that you will not be using that much. So why purchase expensive sound systems and projectors that you will only store in the attic afterwards, when you can just rent them for a day or two in just a fraction of their purchase cost.

2. Convenient

Apart from being cost-effective, renting an AV equipment makes the entire installation process extremely convenient for you. Again, it saves you time and trouble since most rental companies in Singapore provide experienced and skilled technicians to their customers in the installation process, hence many people go to soundimage pro for av products for Singapore quality goods. These people will help in testing the microphone, installing the video projector and wiring the sound system for your event. Just give them a phone call and they will all do the prep work. The only thing left for you to do is to sit back, relax and be excited with your upcoming event.

3. Well-Maintained Equipment

Since these companies are in the rental business, you can assure that they always keep their equipment in its best shape. This will also save you some money since the company will be shouldering all the expenses on the equipment maintenance. All that’s left for you to worry about is the cost of the sound and PA system rental.
Most AV equipment rental companies also maintain their visual and sound systems in line with its manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that it stays in its top form. In return, this will give you the confidence that the equipment you rented will function well during your event.

4. State of the Art Audio Visual Technology

Want to amaze your guests by using a state of the art audio visual equipment? Or perhaps you are concerned about the sound system’s quality and overall impact on your event? Regardless of what you plan to achieve, you can rest assured knowing that your prospective sound system provider is a trustworthy and reputable company that invests in the latest audio visual technology.


Without worrying about the costs associated with maintaining, cleaning and updating an audio visual technology, all that you need to do is inform them about what kind of event you’re going to have. Utilizing a rental AV equipment can significantly help in cutting down the expenses of the event without taking any unnecessary risks or compromising its quality.

5. Learn About the Best Equipment Brands

Aside from being provided with high end equipment, another great benefit of renting an audio visual system is you get to learn the best audio and video equipment brands available in the market. You’ll get an idea as to what brands to consider buying and what to avoid. An audio equipment professional will also be more than happy to offer suggestions on the best systems that fit your needs. This can serve as a valuable information, especially if you’re planning to purchase a sound system equipment in the future.

6. Competent and Knowledgeable Technicians

Apart from offering high end equipment, most AV rental companies in Singapore also provide services from skilled and experienced technicians to make sound system operation more convenient for their clients. Some of the personnel that most rental companies have are video technicians, sound engineers, AV techs, cameramen and riggers – each specializing on their own field of expertise.

Seasoned AV technicians are capable of visualizing an empty function room and providing clear solutions to any video or sound system problems that might occur during your event. There is very little that can go wrong when you ask for the assistance of these people, as they always have backup plans to handle the most unexpected occurrences. These plans include standby audio and video equipment and power generators. In short, they have your back covered in more ways than one.

7. Excellent Customer Support

Just like in any business, some AV and PA system rental companies also have a website that can help you contact them anytime you want and make the most out of the customer services they are offering. Through this, you get to ensure a smooth communication, as well as an accommodating and flexible service anytime you encounter a problem with your rented equipment.

Apart from providing better customer support, you can also use these websites to check on the equipment’s they are renting out if you’re still in the process of shortlisting equipment rental companies.

8. Additional Entertainment Services

Aside from providing technical support to customers, some sound system rental companies in Singapore also provide MC and DJ services to their clients. These are just some of the entertainment services that will make your event more entertaining. Together with a high end AV equipment, the entertainment services provided by these people is what will make your event an unforgettable affair.

Renting an audio visual equipment is one of the best ways to add an inexpensive form of entertainment to your event, without compromising its quality. So before you get excited and purchase an AV equipment, be sure to weigh these sound system rental advantages first to see which option is more beneficial for your budget and your event.