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6 Ways Your Office Desk Could Be Making You Unhappy

A space that lacks functionality and attractiveness might be cluttering not just your desk but also your brain and in turn making you unhappy and unproductive. So, before a malfunctioning pen or a cluttered drawer gets in the way of your productivity, take care of these six things that could be affecting your mood and performance at work.

  1. Poor Lighting

As expected, working in a dark space can leave you feeling uninspired. Lighting makes a big impact when it comes to boosting your creativity, so invest in good lamps for your desk. Choose one that you can easily dim in a tap; it gives you control on how bright you want your lamp to be.

  • Too Many Receipts

Perhaps, you have a four weeks’ worth of receipts in your desk organizer, waiting for your next expense report. Instead of keeping the receipts of every purchase, which only clutters your work area, download a mobile app, like Evernote and Office Lens, to scan and digitized your paper trail.

  • Unruly Cables

Your internet line and your laptop and phone charger are vital for your productivity. However, if they constantly get in the way, you might want to buy yourself a cord clamp. It will keep all your cords in place every time you use them.

  • Your Picture Frames

If you have not updated your desk photo frame, say, in five years, it’s time to get yourself a new one—a new photo frame and photo. If your family photo was taken when you were still three in the family, swap it with your new family picture with your second child in it.

  • Lack of Organization

An unorganized desk is a cluttered desk, which isn’t a healthy environment for someone who wants to be productive. Invest in desk organizers and filing cabinets to keep everything tidy. As much as possible, avoid accumulating piles of folders and papers on your desk; it’s easier to work in a bright and spacious table.

  • Boring Design

A boring desk could also be the reason of unhappy and uninspired work hours, because although style and design has no direct link to a person’s productivity, a well-designed space encourages creativity and efficiency. Adding pieces like colourful paperweights will give your sight an added comfort whenever you’re at work.

It’s likely that your office desk is your home for the most part of the day, so it’s just practical to make it look and feel as comfortable as possible for you. Mind these items on your desk and see how you can fix them.