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6 Activities for Seniors to Keep Them Physically and Mentally Sharp

You may be aging, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you once find enjoyable in your younger years. Physical and mental activities can improve your health and quality of life as you age. Age gracefully by making sure you’re keeping your life active and interesting by constantly engaging yourself with fun activities that will help preserve your mental and physical well-being.

  1. Visit Exhibits and Museums

Singapore has some great cultural, history and art museums on hand. Make it a habit to visit one museum every month, or at least visit whenever they have new exhibits and events going on. Walking around the museum and understanding the context of every art piece will challenge you both physically and mentally.

  • Learn Mahjong

Mahjong is a popular table game in Asian countries. Played with four players, it’s fun, social and strategic. Plus, learning a new game will get your mind running.

  • Go Dancing

Dancing is both physically and mentally demanding, which is something what you want to do on a regular basis as you age. Health experts even say that dancing is one of the best activities to improve balance, flexibility and strength, and helps reverse your brain’s signs of aging.

  • Try Tea Socials

You may no longer have the energy to host large diner parties, but why not invite a few friends over for some tea and desserts? Do this regularly to keep your social environment active and healthy. After all, maintaining friendships is one of the keys to happiness.

  • Keep Doing What You Love

Many people say that once you reach 60, you have to retire from work. While you can certainly do that, it doesn’t mean you have to stop working. If it’s a company policy to retire at a certain age, work on something that you truly love doing. Perhaps, you can turn a hobby into a profitable small business to keep you busy?

  • Play with Your Grandchildren

Nothing will give you a fulfilled heart and keep you youthful than youth itself. Spend time and play with your grandchildren. Have them sleepover every weekend at your home, take them out on a Sunday brunch or go out on a picnic with them. Joining them in their activities will not only be fun for you, but will also mean a lot to them—to your own kids and your grandchildren.

Even by just simply being around your family and taking care of them is enough to keep you active. But other than ensuring their welfare, make the extra effort to take care of yourself, too. Get active, socialize and learn new things. You’ll feel great and be healthier as well.