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5 Ways to Stop Indigestion and Bloating After Meals

If your stomach starts to feel uncomfortable and swollen after a long, hearty meal, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from a bout of indigestion or bloating. While this can be painful sometimes, especially in the abdominal area, this also usually lasts for only a short amount of time after eating, and is also preventable and easily treated. Here’s how you can stop indigestion and bloating so you can keep enjoying your food without fear:

Stay away from fried, oily foods

Fried chicken is definitely a great food to indulge in, but it turns out that grease and fat can be really hard for your stomach to digest, and it can make you feel bloated after a meal. Aside from indigestion, those oils and fats can also speed up the cramping and movement of your digestive tract, which can end in a trip to the bathroom when you’re not careful.

Eat smaller meals

Another reason why you feel bloated is because food you eat is too much for your        stomach to handle during a single meal, and this can lead to indigestion later on. Instead of eating until you feel really full, try practicing more mindful eating habits and stop when you think you’re almost full. This way, your stomach doesn’t have to work as hard to break down your food, which cuts your risk of bloating and indigestion.

Chew your food thoroughly

When it comes to bloating and indigestion, it’s not just about the food that you eat – it’s also about how you eat. You may be used to scarfing down your lunch as quickly as you can, but you’ll quickly find that it’s this very habit that can also give you that same discomfort after every meal, and this is because gulping down your food in large chunks makes it harder for your stomach to break them down. Instead of doing that, try taking the time to thoroughly chew your food first before swallowing.

Stay away from foods that cause gas

Many foods and drinks can make you feel bloated because they contain a significant amount of complex sugar and starch compounds. And it’s not just really sweet foods, either – loading your coffee with too much sugar or drinking too much soda can achieve the same results.

Add more fiber

Adding the right amount of fiber helps prevent constipation and bloating, smoothen the digestive process, and cleanse your colon. The best way to go about increasing your fiber intake is to start slowly, and add just a little bit more to your intake gradually over the course of several weeks. This will make it easier to follow through and allow for your body to adjust to the change naturally.