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5 Ways to Be More Persuasive

Some people are naturally charismatic and persuasive. Although persuasion is not something actually taught to us as we grow up, it’s definitely an important skill to have. Sometimes it can even dictate how successful you can be in life. So, without further ado, here are some ways for you to become more persuasive.

1. Know the difference between persuasion and manipulation

To put it simply, manipulation is to pressure someone to do what you want through guilt or force. Persuasion, on the other hand, is to get someone to do something that can benefit you and them. Knowing the difference is very important if you want to persuade someone and keep a healthy relationship with them.

2. Show the other person how it can benefit them

Again, persuasion is all about showing someone how an action can benefit both parties. For example, you’re trying to convince your girlfriend to go hike with you at the MacRitchie trail. You can show her the benefits of doing this to her health. It will be difficult to persuade someone to do something if they don’t gain anything from it or if they will have to suffer losses. So always point out the benefits.

3. Don’t complicate the conversation

You’ll have a difficult time communicating what you want if you’re already confusing the other person right from the start. It’s good to have a bit of an ice breaker but don’t drag it too long. If you take too long, the other person might just be confused or he/she will know that you’re trying to persuade them with something. So, just remember to keep things simple!

4. Consider the context

When we talk to certain groups of people, our language usually changes. For example, the terms and expressions we use with our friends can be different from the ones we use at the office when talking to our boss. You can basically think of this as context. You’ll have to consider context because you want the other person to understand you as much as possible. Why would you use teenage slang when talking to aunties who would never understand you?

5. Yield if you really can’t do it

If you think you really can’t persuade the person, just give it up. You won’t want to push a person too hard as it will only affect your relationship. If you fail to persuade someone with one thing, don’t worry too much. Sometimes these things don’t really turn out to be much of a deal. Plus, there might be a chance that you failed for a reason. You might get more benefits than if you actually convinced the person otherwise.