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5 Tools to Get the Most of Your Next Long-Term Travel Experience

We all dream to be on a long-haul vacation. However, as brilliant as it may sound, there are a lot of logistics that comes along with it. Otherwise, your vacation won’t be as nearly as wonderful as you might think it would be. To ensure an awesome long-term vacation, use these tools to make the most of the trip.

  1. Communication: Skype

Who doesn’t know Skype? Although there are many other apps that can provide audio and video calls through the internet, we recommend Skype because it can connect with regular telephone network for a very affordable cost. All you need to do is buy a local SIM card to access the local mobile internet network, and then the application serves as an international communications platform.

  • Accommodations: Airbnb

There’s nothing like the comfort of home. But how will you be able to get that when you’re halfway across the earth? Airbnb! Airbnb is an app that helps you search through over 500,000 private residences for rent. Whether you’re staying for a week or an entire month, you’ll be able to find a home—complete with kitchen (with kitchen utensils), bedrooms, toilet and bathroom—in your travel destination. And if you’re a frequent traveller, you can even earn extra income by renting out your own property. How cool is that?

  • Money Matters: Expense Manager

When in a long-term travel that’s based on limited budget, it’s important to always keep track of and control your expenses. Expense Manager is the app for that. It lets you key in your budget, register incomes and enter every expense made. It follows your expenditure activity on a daily basis and creates analysis by certain time periods or by category of expense. It lets you enter your expenses in the local currency and automatically updates conversion rates every day.

  • Activities & Tours: Viator

If you want to go on a tour but do not know where to start, Viator got you covered. Through this app, you can discover more than 20,000 top-rated activities and tours in over 1,500 travel destinations across the globe. More than that, the app offers VIP experiences at top locations and “Skip the Line” privileges at some of the most popular sites, like the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower.

  • Chill Out: Spotify Premium

When you just have some time to waste or want to wind down after a long day, music makes good company. Although you can fill up a memory card with MP3 files (that you’ve legally bought, of course!), your music library is limited. To avoid such restriction and have access to an entire world of music, download an online music service like Spotify.

Being in a foreign place for the long-haul can be challenging. Whether you’re in a new place for work or for vacation, make use of these tools to make it easier to adapt to your new environment and lifestyle.