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5 Tips On How to Clean the House With the Kids Around


Cleaning the house is easy if you are alone but when kids are present, the house never cease to get so disorganized and dirty. All parents know that it is exhausting to maintain a clean and neat house especially with children around. If you do not clean for one day, the mess and clutter will pile up and the house will look revolting.


Cleaning the house seems difficult with the children running up and about but the good news is that with intentional effort and planning, you can restore harmony. Here are some tips on cleaning the house even if kids are around:

  1. Sort and remove. Kids tend to hoard toys but they have only a few favourites. It is important that you know which toys are their favourites and then sort it. Once sorted, donate or sell them. If the clutter is ignored, it will balloon rapidly. One way to stop cluttering is to limit or check the items entering the house.


  1. Be organized. If you are planning for renovation, you have to consider small storages but if it is not an option, you should make use of other storage solutions like boxes, baskets and stools. It would be better if these will fit under the kid’s bed. When storing, make sure that you group similar items together and orient kids about it so the next time they look for something, they will not hunt madly.


  1. Inculcate house rules. It is crucial that you inculcate house rules such as: put everything back in its proper place or clean as you go. These words are simple but once done, it can make a whole lot of difference at the end of the day. These words can indeed prevent the build-up of mess. While inculcating house rules, make sure that you are consistent with your efforts since they will tend to imitate you.


  1. Make cleaning a family activity. Cleaning is not an individual activity. It should be the activity of the whole family. You should make it a practice to clean the house fast with the help of the whole family say for thirty minutes. If you get everyone on board, things will be easier, faster and more fun.


  1. Limiting the play area. Limit the toys to the nursery or playroom. If you have a limited space, designate a corner in the house that they can play. You should instil that they should not go beyond that area if they want to play again.

Cleaning is important in every household. Even if you have kids around, cleaning should still be done.