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5 Mature Reasons to Love Your Enemies

Perhaps, every person in this planet has enemies. Sometimes, we cause conflict with these people because of differences in opinions and personalities, or sometimes it just happens that people hate us (or we hate them) for no clear reason.

But regardless how you got your enemies, consider the following reasons on why it’s a smart idea to not be bothered by these people and even foster a good relationship with them.

  1. Their negative comments will help you improve

Enemies don’t have so much good things to say about you. However, even if they talk about you out of hatred, some of the things they say could be true. Whenever you hear an enemy speak of something bad about you and you know in yourself it’s true, take it as an opportunity to improve and encourage personal growth.

  • They help practice anger management

To be honest, our enemies are the best people to teach us anger management and self-restraint. Although it’s true that enemies always have effortless ways to rile us up, this is exactly what helps us control our emotions better. After all, it isn’t good to stay angry at someone forever, and oftentimes this anger is what leaves us feeling guilty afterwards.

  • They serve as an opportunity for healthy competition

You may not be aware of it, but your enemies are great rivals that can help you harness the competitor in you. They give you the motivation to compete and this helps a lot in achieving your goals in life. However, while you’re on it, it’s important to remember not to let hunger for victory dominate in you, which can cause harm to yourself and to your morals.

  • They give you the chance to be optimistic

In the midst of negativity, a speck of positivity always shines through. Sometimes, just the thought of having enemies will help you focus on the positive things in life. Oftentimes, when we’re so concerned of what our enemies might think of us, we take for granted what really matters to us. However, having enemies also gives you the chance to step back and see the picture in a larger perspective, making us see the good things (and people) around you.

  • You deserve peace of mind

Enemies are toxic to your emotional and mental health. Since we all want to live a prosperous and peaceful life, leave the extra baggage behind. Hate is never good, so try to get rid of it. You’ve worked hard to where you are now and you know you’re not causing harm to anyone, so forget the haters and enjoy the perks of your heavy labor without carrying emotional baggage around.

Be mature enough to be the first one to let go. If you can make friends with your enemies, the better. But if you can’t, at least don’t feel the same hate and poison yourself with anger like how these people see and treat you.