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5 Health Benefits of Lemon Water Detox

Although it’s quite tempting to grab your favourite latte or iced tea when looking for drinks to quench your thirst, it’s also important to keep in mind that these beverages contain lots of sugar and calories. For a healthier and more flavourful drink alternative, opt for lemon water. Not only does it have zero calories, it also works wonders in providing your body with the following health benefits.


  1. Reduces Inflammation. It may not look like it, but drinking lemon water on a daily basis can actually decrease the acidity in your body. Other than that, it also removes the uric acid found in your joints, which mainly causes inflammation.
  1. Aids in Digestion. If you’re looking for some natural cure for your bloating problems, then drink a glass of lemon water regularly. Given the digestive qualities of the lemon juice, symptoms of indigestion like bloating, belching and heartburn are relieved. Other than that, lemon can also act as a blood purifier and a liver tonic to help you digest your food better by encouraging your liver to produce more bile.
  1. Promotes Skincare. Being a natural antiseptic, lemon is also effective in treating skin-related problems. You can use it as an anti-aging remedy to reduce appearance of blackheads and wrinkles, as well as to fade your burn scars. Other than that, you can also use lemon water to rejuvenate your face and give it the kind of glow that your beauty products can’t give.


  1. Encourages Weight Loss. Other than its digestive and beauty benefits, one of the major health benefit that you can possibly get from lemon water is it encourages weight loss faster. Even if you choose to mix it with honey and lukewarm water, it’ll reduce your body weight the same way as well.
  1. Boosts Your Immune System. Since lemon is known to be rich in vitamin C, it’s a given that drinking lemon water can really give your immune system the boost it needs. Experts explain that your immune system is one of the first things that plummets when you’re stressed out, which is why they suggest popping some extra vitamin C regularly to ensure that your immune system remains stable.

Other than quenching your thirst, lemon water has a lot more to offer to improve both your health and appearance. So start making your own detox water now, and sip all of these benefits now.