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3 Movies for Melancholic Days

Movies are truly a wonderful thing. They paint pictures and help us live different lives as either a participant or an observer of another world, life, and story. It is only fair that we have different movies for different moods. Sometimes, we just feel a little melancholic. We can’t help it. Sometimes we just want to watch a gloomy movie. Now, what do we mean when we say gloomy movies? Well, we focus on the perplexed, melancholic, and almost confusing emotions strung out by the film which beg us to sit down to process the actual emotions which we are feeling.

Here are a few good movies you can watch when you’re in a plaintive mood:

1. The Graduate
The Graduate is a brilliant story about a newly-turned man who has just graduated college and finds himself rather clueless as to what to do next. Out of boredom and desperation, he then slowly finds himself in bed with an unusual affair which may not seem that complicated at first, but then his recklessness slowly catches up on him. From the confusing emotions to the almost perfect but slightly distorted perspectives, this movie is a great digest.

2. 500 Days of Summer
500 Days of Summer is a modern movie that hasn’t done so well during it’s launching but over the years has turned into a cult classic. The film makes brilliant use of foreshadowing and time to cause confusion as to who is wrong and who is right. The movie makes such a brilliant use of comparison which allows you to see both the bright side and the gloomy side of the story. Even the final words of the film are ironic but play beautifully as the film screams out that things aren’t what they seem.

3. Dead Poets Society
Dead Poets Society is a rather classic movie with a very linear but beautifully written plot. The climactic lines and somewhat dark but radiant settings beg you to unlock the inner artist or at least the part of you which sought beauty within every word. This movie is truly a classic and will be remembered throughout time.

These three movies are but a few of movies you could watch on a rather gloomy mood. Not only do these movies feed your melancholic cravings, these movies may keep you entertained for days as the perplexed situation might leave a sting of interest at the back of your mind. Sometimes happiness isn’t the only reason why we are moving forward. Sometimes it is through curiosity and appreciation that we take our next couple steps in life. These movies may beg you to sit down and think, but once you’ve stood up again, you’ll see the world in a totally different perspective.