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3 Best Places in Southeast Asia to See Great Views

If you are the type who likes to travel and explore different places, you need not cross to another continent in order to experience the beauty of Mother Nature. In Southeast Asia, there is no shortage of jaw-dropping, beautiful views and rich cultural heritage that you’ll surely want to take part in.


We’ve compiled some places in Southeast Asia alone that are unbelievably picturesque you must see them for yourself.

Inle Lake in Myanmar

Myanmar is becoming more and more popular as a travel hotspot for adventure seekers and nature explorers. Inle Lake is not only a good fishing spot for the locals, it’s also a place to witness the panoramic view of the sunset as its light touches the water. Nonetheless, Inle Lake is not just a pretty face. To get the full experience, you may also visit fish farms and go shopping at handicraft stores all around the place.

Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia


Mount Kinabalu is part of the tallest peaks in Southeast Asia list and it attracts various travelers such as hikers and trekkers from all around the world. It is a really challenging feat to accomplish since getting to Mount Kinabalu’s summit would take about two days. It’s a difficult trek but you’ll be distracted by the lush greenery and terrain to even focus on your exhaustion.

Palawan, Philippines

It’s not a small success to be called by Huffington Post and Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader Choice Awards as the most attractive island in the whole world. Palawan surely boasts of magnificent clear waters and jungles rich with untouched flora and fauna, so it really comes as no surprise that a lot of people from different parts of the world are enamored by this place.