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10 Best Science-Fiction Films of All Time


Science Fiction or Sci-Fi genre has become one of the best genres in the film industry as these types of films stretch the viewers’ imaginations as well as show a possible preview of what might happen in the future. Other than that, Sci-Fi films are also well thought of because the writers and producers would have to have a good grasp of scientific concepts in order to actually be convincing. Nevertheless, Sci-Fi films have broken box office records and here are some we believe to be the best of the bunch.


  1. Edge of Tomorrow

The story revolves around the struggle of humans against an invading force of aliens that seem unstoppable. But everything changes when a military officer suddenly gets a hold of the aliens’ trump card—the ability to reset time.


  1. Battle Royale

This film actually inspired the whole Hunger Games franchise. While not as popular as that Jennifer Lawrence film, this Japanese film features the same “kill everyone to survive” element that made the Hunger Games famous.


  1. Interstellar

The Earth is at the brink of being uninhabitable. A group of scientists then went on a space trip to search for habitable planets to transfer what remains of the human population. In the middle of it all is adventure that transcends the realm of time and space as well as that of physics itself.


  1. Ex Machina

This isn’t a very popular film but, make no mistake about it, it’s as Sci-Fi as any film could get. The film follows the story of a genius robotics engineer who tries to engineer artificial intelligence with the help of a young computer scientist.


  1. Looper

A film that explores the time travel and a little bit of telekinesis, Looper follows a young hitman who suddenly runs into his future self who turns out to have come back in time to stop a boy who would soon cause cataclysmic events.



  1. Lucy

The film explores the events in a young lady day. She suddenly ingests drugs that made her unlock the deepest potentials of the human brain. As she becomes more intertwined with her mental capacity, we get to understand how transcendental it is to be able to unlock the hidden potentials of the human mind.


  1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Following the events that happened when the apes rose in terms of their cognitive abilities, this film features a further struggle between man and ape amidst a power and illness crisis surrounding the human population.


  1. Star Trek: Into Darkness

A remake of a beloved classic, Into Darkness follows the further adventures of James Kirk and his crew who would soon encounter a man named Khan. Events that unfold following the encounter will surely have you glued to your seat with a combination of suspense, action, comedy, and drama.


  1. Inception

Inception is a mind-blowing film that follows a universe made deep inside the psyche of visionary director Christopher Nolan. While the universe is said to be very rigorous, it does seem to entertain the mind as you get to see a masterpiece of directing, casting, and musical scoring.


  1. Star Wars Franchise

There probably isn’t any other film franchise that captured the imagination of an entire generation more than Star Wars ever did. Star Wars has had a huge following ever since the first film was released in the 70’s. The franchise follows an epic struggle between good and evil and an adventure that spans several light years ahead of our time.