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What You Need to Know About Water Polo

Singapore water polo boy’s team are very positive and confident that they can get the gold at the upcoming 2013 SEA (South East Asia) Games to be held in Myanmar. The captain of the team is Eugene Teo. SEA Games will be from December 5 to 22, 2013.


Many people cannot understand this game but if you want to cheer for the players, you have to learn the basics of water polo. Water polo is challenging because it is a combination of soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling and swimming. Water polo is played around the world. In fact, it is the first team sport included in the Olympics. Sometimes, water polo can be confusing but if you know the basics, you can understand better. You can refer here:


All players (except the goalie) should use only one hand when holding the ball. Each team comprise of six field players and one goalie. The object of the game is simple –score in the goal of the opposite team.



Like in Basketball, water polo also needs two clocks. The first clock will determine the remaining time of the quarter while the second is used as a shot clock. There will be four quarters (eight minutes per quarter).


There are ordinary fouls and major fouls. Ordinary fouls include splashing, holding the ball using both hands, pushing an opponent and stalling. Major fouls include kicking a player, deliberately splashing, disrespecting the referee, aggressive attacks, etc. The major fouls can cost exclusions or kick outs.



The referee can award a penalty depending on the case. The team that gets the shot can take the ball five meters directly in front of the goal. The points will be included in the final score.