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Singapore Online Media Growth

Can you even count how many forms of media there are these days in Singapore? Let’s do a quick little count. There’s television, radio, magazines, billboards, cinemas, product advertising, elevator advertising, and that’s only offline! In this generation, there is a much bigger media coming up, and that’s online media. And that’s why we’re! We bring to you everything and anything that’s happening. Basically we’re your online news site, keeping you updated with the latest and greatest happenings in Singapore.


We strive to provide you with accurate marketing news of every industry. These industries may range from food and beverage sector, home décor, weddings, internet technologies, real estate to mechanical industries. There are tons of information you can find online regarding the companies you are looking for. Some may be accurate info, some may be false. The web is a maze of disorganized content, while you have to sift through the maze in order to find what you really want, Online Media SG makes your life easier by bringing you news of how different industries in Singapore have leveraged on internet marketing and the media online to bring in much more sales than ever before. If you are wondering does online media marketing really help, read on to find out.


We are in the era where traditional marketing no longer work as well as it used to. Times are changing and a revolution has happened on the internet. Statistics have shown more and more Singaporeans are going online to purchase their favorite clothes to finding news and information. Coupled that with the increase of online ad spent during the 2009 recession, clearly it is showing more companies are looking to leverage on the web traffic for their potential client leads and sales. People want things fast, you need to deliver information fast. That’s how an online media platform can do for you.


For starters, here are a few things to consider; is your traditional newspaper advertising still bringing you good sales leads as compared to years ago? If it no longer does, what is the cause of it? Is it because your industry is dying, or simply because people no longer search for your services on newspapers as much as before the internet became a widely used tool? With internet advances such as Search engines, it’s no wonder people are going for a fast search on Google just to get the information of the services they are seeking for. Now you get the drift, stay tune for more upcoming topics on how you can leverage your marketing online.