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7 European-Inspired Restaurants to Visit in Singapore



Known for its world-class restaurants, Singapore has a lot to offer for food enthusiasts looking to try something different. But food trips can be hard on your wallet. Why can’t we have good food at reasonable prices? We list down seven that specialize in European cuisine at prices you can afford.

  1. Binomio

Binomio is ideal for family or group gatherings. It has a fine-dining area perfect for group meals and the tapas bar for those looking to try a little bit of everything the restaurant has to offer. Binomio lets its diners experience authentic Spanish dining as it uses only traditional ingredients and cooking methods.

  1. Ola Cocina del Mar

Another excellent Spanish-inspired restaurant. Ola Cocina del Mar is located at Marina Bay Financial Centre. Don’t let its location in the heart of the banking and financial center stop you. It is a must-see place for its paella and tapas and is known for its friendly crew.

  1. Blu Kouzina

Blu Kouzina is an authentic Greek restaurant known for its Taramosalata. Its menu boasts of affordable and fair servings ranging from appetizers to main courses that can be enjoyed by a lone foodie or a group. Blu Kouzina serves only authentic Greek dips and sauces. Not only will Bluu Kouzina satisfy your craving for a Mediterranean adventure. The restaurant is also visually satisfying with its modern Greek ambiance.

  1. Etna

The list would not be complete without at least one Italian restaurant. Etna specializes in contemporary Italian dishes and select wines for that complete experience. With a wide range of authentic pizzas to choose from, the trip is worth it. They serve dishes with imported ingredients from Italy. Not only that, the great service will make you want to some back for more.

  1. Tatsuya

Tatsuya has been around for some time. Its success come from premium servings of excellent Japanese food. One of its best is the Bara Chirashi don set. Visit Tatsuya for its menu sets at half the prices.

  1. Esquina

Known as one of the restaurants to first serve ‘small plates,’ Esquina boasts of its modern Spanish tapa dishes. It is located near post-war buildings, creating an ambiance that goes well with the food. Esquina also changes its menu regularly, offering more choices for the diners with every visit.

  1. Le Bistrot du Sommelier

What better way to enjoy French cuisine than with wine? In fact, Le Bistrot du Sommelier’s philosophy is for the customers to enjoy good food and excellent wine at a friendly price. They even have wine-tasting events for the oenophiles (wine lovers).

You need not go somewhere. You can find the best of the world in Singapore.

5 Book Series for the Jaded Fantasy Fan



The success of the television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series – a.k.a. HBO’s Game of Thrones – has placed the high fantasy sub-genre in a spotlight. High fantasy is just one of the many specialized fantasy genres that exists. Other successful screen adaptations like The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series have inspired others like them over the last decade.

Because of its popularity, it has become a tendency for some fantasy series to use the same themes and character tropes over and over again. With so many books to choose from, how do you pick those that have something new to offer? This list will guide you to some of the hidden gems in fantasy.

  1. Malazan Book of the Fallen series

Tired of the usual humans, dwarves, elves and orcs that have saturated the genre? This 10-book series by Steven Erikson, with a 6-book complementary series by Ian C. Esslemont, is a breath of fresh air. However, a word of caution: this is perhaps the most complex and ambitious series by far. But with huge battle scenes, a complicated world building and shape-shifting dragons, the reward will surely be worth the journey.

  1. A Land Fit for Heroes by Richard Morgan

This trilogy is unique for its lead character Ringil. Not your usual macho hero who embodies the chivalric, ideal warrior, Riingil has many enemies and always finds himself in trouble. The book also features an alien race and is an alternate world of another science fiction trilogy by the same author.

  1. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Looking for a story that isn’t science fiction but includes an entire planet? Sanderson’s Mistborn will satisfy your needs for a post-apocalyptic empire filled with strange magic. The action scenes are a treat, the characters unforgettable, and the events leading to the ending are an emotional ride.

  1. The Black Company by Glen Cook

What makes this series so special is the limited point of view of the lead character and narrator. Cook managed to describe a complex society ravaged by wars and magic through a veteran soldier’s eyes. Unlike A Song of Ice and Fire, The Black Company is told from the POV not of a nobly-born character, but of an ordinary soldier with neither magical nor special physical abilities. He’s not even some destined hero like Harry Potter.

  1. The Bas-Lag novels by China Mieville

In the world of Bas-Lag, steampunk technology and magic co-exist. The three books, Perdido Street Station, The Scar and Iron Council, do not necessarily make one series, but are three different stories in the same world. While it may be considered more as science fiction with elements of horror than fantasy, the reader will find the same familiar elements in its magic and world building. Readers will enjoy the political and geographical complexity of Bas-Lag. It is unlike any reading experience.

A Simple Guide in Choosing Safe Skin Products



You will be surprised to know that every day the average person rubs, sprays and lathers at least ten different skin care products on his/her body. Remember that the skin is not barrier from these products instead it acts like a sponge – it absorbs the chemicals you apply. Cosmetics manufacturers claim that these chemicals are harmless because of small doses.

But when you think about it, you accumulate such chemicals every day. When it piles up to your body, what happens then? The truth is, no one really knows what these chemicals can do over time. There are no studies that explored its effects. There are many cosmetic companies here in Singapore and it is important that they explore the effects of such chemicals over time.

You haven’t heard someone getting sick because of using a mascara or body wash but the point here is to make sure that the chemicals do not harm you and the environment in the long run. Knowing this, you have to know how to choose the safest skin products. Here is a simple guide:

  • Do not overdo it: Being simple will make your life less stressful. There are many people who are easily enticed to buy products. That is the work of marketers but you have to be aware that sometimes, the results will vary. Do not be fooled by marketers. You need to simplify your regimen. All you need is a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. Other things like creams, potions and lotions are just costs you can do away with.

  • Do not consider fragrance: You opt for products with fragrance because it smells good leaving you feeling good. You have to be aware though that fragrance can contain toxic chemicals that can enter to the body. Artificial fragrances contain phthalates that can cause allergies. Always choose products that are fragrance-free.


  • Do not fall for trends: Again, do not fall for crazy trends and advertising because most of the time, it won’t do you any good. Remember that there is no easy solution on your skin problems and that skin care is a matter of consistency not the products.


  • Make your own skin care treatments: What is the best way to regulate the things that you skin absorbs? You have to make your own skin care treatments. Skin care treatments are just around you if you know what or where to look. This will save you more money plus the feeling of safety. For example, in making face mask, you can combine coconut oil and honey. For your acne, green tea toner can make a difference. You just have to look closely.

Training Healthy and Active Kids



It is crucial that you raise healthy and active kids because it can help them in the conduct of their everyday lives. Parents here in Singapore are encouraged to spend time caring for their kids and move toward a healthier and active lifestyle. There are many ways that you can do to raise fit kids.

Speaking of fit kids, there is an international research conducted by Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in collaboration with University of North Dakota that identified the fittest kids in the world. The study’s respondents were 1,142,026 kids aged 9 to 17 from 50 countries. To measure the fitness of the kids, the team placed them in a 20 meter shuttle run test or also called Beep Test.

The Beep Test is the most common test to gauge the aerobic fitness of children and teens. The results will amaze you. The fittest kids in the world (in order) are Tanzania, Iceland, Estonia, Norway and Japan. Canada on the other hand is at number 19 while America is at 47. The least fit is Mexico.

With this in mind, it is important that you keep your children healthy and active. Here are the trainings that you can consider for your kids:

  • Aerobic training: Whether your kids are interested in sports or not, it is crucial that you make them do aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises include running, walking and swimming. Ideally, children (including adults) should at least do a 30-minute aerobic activity every day. Aerobic training is good kind of exercise because it can increase the endurance of the muscles thereby making the circulation of oxygen by the heart effective.

  • Strength training: You think that your kids do not need this and that is where you are wrong, Strength training like pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups should be encouraged as a part of strength training because it can make the muscles strong. If the muscles are strong, it will protect your kids from having serious injuries. You need to consider exercise that will contract the muscles through resistance. Do not ever leave your kids without your supervision.


  • Flexibility training: You have to train your kids that if they do strenuous activities, they need to stretch first. Stretching is actually part of flexibility training.


That is everything you need to make your kids fit. There will come a day that Singapore will be the number one fittest children in the world. There are many benefits of getting fit so let your kids fully understand it.

Different Ways to Organize Your Shoe Collection



If you’re living in an apartment, you might not have enough space for a walk-in closet, fabulous though that may be. A neatly organized stack of shoes will save time when you dress up because you don’t have to look for the right pair. Your shoes are also protected from damage and dirt.


Here are some ways to store your favorite collection.

In the Closet. The most practical way of storing your shoes is to keep them in individual boxes so they are stacked neatly in a closet. They save space as well as protect your shoes from damage.


On the Shelf. If you wanna show off, take them out of their boxes then place them on a shelf. It does not take up much space plus you can show your friends how stylish you are.


On the Wall. You can place your shoes by hanging them on the walls. Hang them by the pegs. There are ready-made pegs in the market that you can attach to the wall. Hang high-heeled shoes by their heels.


On the Shoe Rack. Shoe racks are practical and a space saver. You can cover the shoe rack to hide your shoes or place it in a closet. Most shoe racks are made of plastic.


Under the Bed. You can place them under the bed to grab your shoes easily when you dress up. Try something new by using other materials for storage or you can also use the shoe boxes to stack them up neatly.


In Other Storage. Get creative. Place your shoes in things you’re never though of before like a shelf made of cut PVC pipes, old boxes with designs, baskets and chests.

On the Stairs. A great way to display your collection is by utilizing the space on the stairs. Place one pair on every step. Careful not to trip though.


On Slide-Out Racks. They can hold a lot of shoes. Save space and even save time looking for your shoes.


On Organizers. There are wall organizers made of plastic or cloth that you can find in shops. Instead of holding letters and other small items, use these for shoe storage.


Inside Drawers. There are drawers available in shops designed for shoe storage besides racks and shelves.


In Shoe Cabinets. There are cabinets made specifically for shoe storage. They are smaller and take up less space than most closets used for clothes.


In a Lazy Susan. It’s a rotating tray or a turntable. You can make a Lazy Susan storage or buy one in shops.


On the Shelves. There are corners in your house which you can use to build shelves. For example, attach tension rods on the walls where you can place your shoes. You can also create a wooden cubby.


Use Hangers. Modify clothes hangers so your shoes then hang these on a rod or rope by the wall.


Alternate Shoes. To save space on the shelf, try alternating each pair of shoes with one facing backward and the other facing forward.

How Are Books Made?



The books you see nowadays didn’t take form until Johann Gutenberg’s invention made it possible to print several copies of books. The first book printed in 1455 was the Bible. We no longer use Gutenberg’s press for printing. The technology has a come a long way since printing presses were cast into iron. Today, printing companies use computers to make some of the work faster. Here are the steps on how to make a book.

  1. Manuscript. The completion of the manuscript from the draft to editing is usually done by the writer with the help of the publisher. The materials submitted to the printer are usually the final, polished form. The writer, editor or agent only needs to give instructions to the layout designer for the design of the book. Ideally, the manuscript has to be in digital form. If not, the typesetter must type the text in a computer.


  1. Layout Design. The writer, editor or agent will work closely with the layout designer to decide the following: typeface, page style, colors, pictures or illustrations, cover art, and type of paper and binding. With the help of computers, it is much easier now to layout a book. There are page layout softwares such as Adobe InDesign available for such a purpose. When the layout is done, a galley proof of the book is printed.


  1. Proofing. The galley is given to the writer, publisher or agent for checking. The galley is proofread for errors in text, layout, photos and page sequence. When this is done, the corrections are applied on the layout. Sometimes the process is repeated depending on the demands of the publisher. Others don’t need to print a galley proof and proceed immediately to imposition.

  1. Imposition. When the layout is done, the first stage of book production begins. This can be done using the computer with appropriate software. The individual pages are laid out in their final printing position. This method is called imposition. Then the imposition is used to create negatives or the file is sent directly to a printing plate. The first is called computer-to-film (CTF), the latter computer-to-plate (CTP).


  1. Stripping. The negatives from the CTF process are checked to make sure that the text and photo or illustrations are in proper sequence. Changes and corrections can still be made during this process. The negatives are then exposed to a sheet of aluminum called plate. In CTP, the filming process is skipped.


  1. Printing. The plates are sent to the printing press. Black and white pages pass only once through the machine, while colored pages require more than one. Currently, there are four processes used in printing; offset, letter-press, gravure and digital. The papers or sheets are fed to the printer either singly or through rolls of paper.


  1. Binding. The printed sheets are folded into signatures so they are in proper sequence. The pages can be sewn or glued. Then the edges are trimmed. The cover is attached last to the bound pages. Finally, the finished volumes are packed and sent to the publisher.

Debunking Sunscreen Myths



The sun seems to get hotter by the minute. It is advised that we stay indoors but it is not possible. Here in Singapore, we will be more productive staying outside. Whether we choose to wander or to work, going outside is needed. So instead of hiding indoors, why not enjoy the day and not worry about the sun?


You can just consider sunscreen or umbrellas. If in this case you are still unsure about sunscreens because of some things that you heard about it, it is time that these things debunked. There are many myths about sunscreen and it is crucial that you know which are true and not.

Here are some sunscreen myths and the truths about it:

Myth number 1: One famous myth is that when wearing sunscreen, the user will not get tanned. You have to know that tan is the result of the skin’s protecting against UV rays. The skin will produce melanin (thereby the darkening of the skin) to protect it against UV rays. Remember that no matter the SPF, no sunscreen can completely keep the skin from harmful coverage. Do not expect that you won’t get tanned using sunscreen.

Myth number 2: Many people believe that the chemicals found in sunscreens are harmful than getting sunburns. This myth came out because many people know that sunscreens have chemicals used to protect the skin from the sun and some of these chemicals are harmful. This is not true. You should know that brands put most of their time in research and development. Because of this, they make sure that thorough and extensive safety is observed.


Myth number 3: Putting a strong SPF in the morning will last a day. This is again a myth. Skin experts recommend that you reapply sunscreens every two to three hours. It doesn’t mean that you put strong SPF in the morning, it is enough to last a day.

Myth number 4: There is no point in securing SPF of over 30. You have to know that the difference of SPF 30 onwards is minimal. If you buy SPF 30, you will be 97 percent protected. If you buy SPF 45, you will be 98 percent protected and SPF 60 will give you 98 percent protection. Depending on your skin type, you have to be particular about SPF but experts will recommend SPF 30.

Myth number 5: The market is developing different kinds of sunscreens for different needs of users. There are artificial sunscreens and mineral ones. Others think that natural sunscreens are the healthiest option. Again, this is a myth. All sunscreens are the healthiest option because it protects the skin from the sun. It is just a matter of preference.


Apps to Simplify Your Life



There is nothing wrong with trying to accomplish many things in so little time but we have to make sure that we do not sacrifice the family. With this, many Singaporeans aspire for a balanced work-life relationship but sometimes it is hard to balance it especially with the hectic schedule. We can only hope that there are things that can assist us in simplifying life as we know it.


The good news is that there are applications that can simplify life as we know it. With the help of some applications, things will be easier and more convenient. Here are the applications that can simplify life:

  1. Evernote

For working people out there, Evernote is a famous application. This app is beneficial because it can synchronize someone’s personal notes through devices. This application will make sure that you do not forget things. So, next time when an idea hits you, you can rely on this tech genius to take your notes. It can work with photos and audio notes.

  1. Genius Scan

If you have a documents and need scanning, you can scan with ease using Genius Scan. This application is perfect for cataloguing notes and other things seen outside the office. You can swiftly scan documents and attach it as PDF file or JPEG.

  1. Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe Edge Inspect is for web designers. This application will allow web designers to open their work through numerous mobile devices. Web designers can use this application to adjust CSS and HTML.


  1. Flock

Flock is best to boost productivity. This application is perfect for real-time communication because of features like polls, snippet sharing and to-do’s. With this application, you can bring your clients to your conversations.

  1. LogMeIn

Sometimes there are some documents from your desktop that you suddenly need. This is no longer a problem because there is an application that lets you access your computer’s desktop using your smartphone. Aside from viewing documents, you can do other things like launching an application (from your desktop).

  1. Freedcamp

If you are looking for a total package, Freedcamp is a good application to consider. Freedcamp is actually project management software that shelter different services.

Depending on your needs, you can download these applications online. These applications are available on iOS and Android. Working is a struggle especially if you have other things to think about. With the help of these applications, things will be better, more simplified and easier. There are other apps that can help you if you only consider it.


Introducing: The Whole30 Program



There have been many diet programs in the market these days – all claiming effective but we see many diet trends come and go. There is however a diet program that is making waves online. It is called Whole30 Program. Not all Singaporeans heard about this diet program so it is timely to discuss what you need to know about it.

Whole30 program is created by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig – sports nutritionists. Their concept is simple: cut all alcohol, sugar, processed foods, dairy and grains for thirty days to reset palate. There should be no slip ups. Many patients claimed that the diet changed taste buds and eliminate their cravings.

Melissa and Dallas only mean well but many dieticians would beg to differ. Dieticians said that the elimination diet would lead to physical transformation of taste buds zeroing cravings. The truth is that cravings are not related to taste. Remember that when eating, neurotransmitters release hormones that stimulate the brain’s pleasure centres causing the cravings. When you indulge in this 30 day program, you are merely changing your habits.

According to the latest study published in American Journal Clinical Nutrition, cutting sugar will in fact make sweet foods taste even better. In other words, if you love chocolates before you indulge in the diet, you will still love it after the 30-day program.


Experts call the program an elimination diet. This kind of elimination diet is not a first and it will not be the last. In this diet, you will eliminate an entire food group. When you eliminate an entire food group, of course you will lose weight. Removing beans or grains for example is not good since you miss out gratifying the body’s need for protein, fibre and other nutrients.

Experts recommend Singaporeans that the best way to train your body to eat healthy is to cut down your portion size. You have to learn how to determine the minimal servings you should eat every day. You should always go back to the old adage: too much of something is bad enough.

Not eating a specific food group in a month can be miserable and the thing is, you do not need to go through with that. You just need to remember not to eat too much and always practice portioning your food and not eating too much. Now this is a challenge. It is hard to portion but if you want to be healthy as a bull, you have to do this but never try the elimination diet.


The Countries with Emerging Obesity Problems



The Singapore government is encouraging its people to live healthy and stay away from obesity. Obesity should be fought and it starts with one’s lifestyle. There are many activities here that promote healthy living but not all people appreciate it. It is time that you consider living healthy. But before anything else, it can benefit you knowing the countries with obesity problems.


The recent survey conducted by Social Progress Index, identified 2015’s fattest countries in the world. The index revealed more than numbers but it also looked into the cultural attitudes of people with regards to obesity around the world. The countries with the most obese people are:

  1. Kuwait

With the coming of American fast foods, Kuwait is considered the number one country with the most obese people. About 42.8% of people in Kuwait are obese. In fact, World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that about 70% of Kuwaiti men and 80% of women above fifteen years old are obese.

  1. Saudi Arabia

Next to Kuwait is Saudi Arabia with 35.2% obese people. This is no longer a surprise since Forbes already declared Saudi Arabia number 29 in the last 2007 survey. Because of the oil wealth and influx of American fast foods, there is no surprise that Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the most obese people.

  1. Belize

Belize is a country in Central America. According to the survey, about 34.9% of the people here are obese. Belize is a new addition and it is surprising that it rose to number three.


  1. Egypt

Egypt is famous for its pyramids and historical importance but now, the country is also known as one of the countries with the most obese people with 34.5% of its population. It does not end there because Egypt is also known to have the highest diabetes rates in the world.

  1. Jordan

Jordan is another country in the Middle East with 34.5% of its population, obese. More women here are obese because of unemployment. Factors like early marriage, wealth and smoking are associated with obesity in Jordan.

Other countries that are included in the index include United Arab Emirates (about 33.7% of its population), South Africa (with 33.5% of its population), Qatar (with 33.1% of its population), Mexico (with 32.8% of its population), Bahrain (with 32.6% of its population) and more.

If you notice, most of the countries are from Asia particularly in the Middle East region. These countries should act to save the population from untimely death brought about by obesity.


Struggles You Encounter at Work and How to Deal With Them



Every year, many students finally earn their degree and graduate here in Singapore. That is a big feat especially in the part of the parents. Many students believe that graduation is the end of their long struggles but wait until you experience being part of the work force. When you are working, you wish you could turn back the time to the good old days.


Finding work is not easy as you think. You will still encounter struggles. Remember that struggles are not exempted for fresh college graduates so you should know how to deal with it at the onset. In fact, you will encounter more struggles than ever so preparing yourself is the best countermeasure you can consider.

You will start from the bottom

Regardless of your school or age, you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Employers do not care what’s on your resume. They will see if you can handle any job and that means starting from the lowest position. Since you are a fresh graduate seeking for job experience, you cannot do anything but comply even if it means low wage. Just hang in there. Pretty soon you will get the grind and the pace.

You do not know everything

Sometimes it is easier to believe that you know everything. You have to know that when in the workplace, it is always better not to assume that you know everything. Even if you graduated at the top of your class, there are still things that you do not know.Just be humble about it and it can make your relationship with fellow workers harmonious. Who wants to be with a proud fresh graduate? The trick here is to listen to your co-workers. When your boss tells you something, just do not take it personally and continue to improve.

Money does not come easy

By now you already know that money does not come easy. You cannot just expect to have a big salary especially if you are entry level. You have to sacrifice some years to build your career. It is hard to meet everyday expenses with salary but you can do something about it. For some time, you should consider cost cutting. However, do not deprive yourself of little treats every now and then – you deserve it.

The struggle is real. In a sea of people vying for a particular job, it is important that you know how to deal with struggles so you can keep it.


5 Tips On How to Clean the House With the Kids Around



Cleaning the house is easy if you are alone but when kids are present, the house never cease to get so disorganized and dirty. All parents know that it is exhausting to maintain a clean and neat house especially with children around. If you do not clean for one day, the mess and clutter will pile up and the house will look revolting.


Cleaning the house seems difficult with the children running up and about but the good news is that with intentional effort and planning, you can restore harmony. Here are some tips on cleaning the house even if kids are around:

  1. Sort and remove. Kids tend to hoard toys but they have only a few favourites. It is important that you know which toys are their favourites and then sort it. Once sorted, donate or sell them. If the clutter is ignored, it will balloon rapidly. One way to stop cluttering is to limit or check the items entering the house.


  1. Be organized. If you are planning for renovation, you have to consider small storages but if it is not an option, you should make use of other storage solutions like boxes, baskets and stools. It would be better if these will fit under the kid’s bed. When storing, make sure that you group similar items together and orient kids about it so the next time they look for something, they will not hunt madly.


  1. Inculcate house rules. It is crucial that you inculcate house rules such as: put everything back in its proper place or clean as you go. These words are simple but once done, it can make a whole lot of difference at the end of the day. These words can indeed prevent the build-up of mess. While inculcating house rules, make sure that you are consistent with your efforts since they will tend to imitate you.


  1. Make cleaning a family activity. Cleaning is not an individual activity. It should be the activity of the whole family. You should make it a practice to clean the house fast with the help of the whole family say for thirty minutes. If you get everyone on board, things will be easier, faster and more fun.


  1. Limiting the play area. Limit the toys to the nursery or playroom. If you have a limited space, designate a corner in the house that they can play. You should instil that they should not go beyond that area if they want to play again.

Cleaning is important in every household. Even if you have kids around, cleaning should still be done.


Familiarizing Yourself with Categories of Fragrance



You simply want a fragrance that lasts but it is hard to find one especially if you are walking blind not to mention the market that is quite vast. If you do not know a thing about fragrance, you will just buy one perfume to another without the satisfaction and happiness. This is a total waste of money.

You have to know the fragrance categories so you will know what to purchase and you will not waste a lot of money searching for the perfect one. Shopping for that perfect fragrance can be overwhelming with all the available scents in the market but if you know its categories, it will make thing easier. In every fragrance, there is an involved concentration.


Concentration refers to the power or strength of the fragrance. Perfumes manufactured with high concentration contain less alcohol and more oils. This will enable fragrances to last long. The concentration is broken into different categories. Here is the list of the categories for your future reference:

  1. Extrait de Parfum: Sometimes it is called simply parfum or pure perfume. To some it is referred as “night wear”. It has the highest concentration. It contains 15-40% fragrance concentration. The scent will usually last for up to eight hours and because of this, parfums demand the highest price of all types of fragrances. Parfums are also good for people with sensitive skin since it contain less alcohol.


  1. Eau de Parfum (EDP): After parfum is EDP. EDP has a concentration between 15 to 20%. EDP will usually last up to five hours. It is less expensive compared to parfum. It has higher alcohol but it is still best for people with sensitive skin if you cannot afford parfum.


  1. Eau de Toilette (EDT): In the case of EDT, the fragrance concentration is between 5 to 15%. It is cheaper than EDP and it is the most popular type of fragrance in the market. On average, EDT will last up to three hours. For many, EDT is considered a “day wear”.


  1. Eau de Cologne (EDC): EDC has low fragrance concentration with 2 to 4% of fragrance concentration. People with sensitive skin should watch out because it has the highest concentration of alcohol. It is also cheap and the fragrance will only last for two hours.


  1. Eau Fraiche: Eau fraiche is akin to EDC in terms of how long the scent will last (about two hours). Eau fraiche has the lowest concentration between 1 to 3% but it also contains low alcohol. In fact, its remainder is mostly water.

So when the sales associate come near you, you can stand proud and tell them what you want. You even understand their language and the surprising thing is you can converse now. It pays to know the types.


A Guide to De-Stress Your Workday



Workdays can be really stressful when we have a lot of tasks to do and meetings to attend. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to reduce amount of stress your body experiences. Follow these easy steps to have a hassle-free workday that’s full of mental clarity and energy.




  1. Skip Your Daily Cup of Joe

Need some energy? Try drinking a cup of tea or a bottle of yerba mate instead of coffee. Sure, your cup of Joe can give you energy, but it’ll also make you crash later in the day. Taking a warm drink is already enough to give you the jolt that you need without causing you to feel sluggish after a few hours.

  1. Start Your Day with Yoga

Start your mornings with a gentle flow of yoga sequence from your favourite yoga online instructors. Yoga is absolutely wonderful for the body. Apart from increasing your flexibility and helping detoxify the body, it also increases alertness and mental clarity that you need at work.

  1. Clean Your Desk

Believe or not, working on a clean desk can actually make your day a lot better. Sure, having a cluttered desk is normal especially if you have a lot of paper works to deal with, but cleaning your desk every once in a while will surely bring a certain calm to your day. So the next time you’re feeling completely stressed out, take a few minutes to tidy up your space and see how much it improves your mood.


  1. Take Productive Breaks

Take a few breaks to just sit and breathe throughout the day. Go for a 10-minute walk or refill your water bottle – do anything that let’s your mind rest even for just a while. Taking breaks are a great way to help you recharge during a stressful workday because regardless of what your work is, dealing with all the work thrown at you can be really exhausting after some time.

  1. Acknowledge the Work You’ve Done

Stop worrying about an assignment that didn’t go as well as you hoped. Beating yourself up over such things will only make you feel upset and sluggish. Instead, tell yourself that you’re doing a good job so you’ll feel more happy and optimistic with your work.

While it may seem counterintuitive, remember that it’s just normal to feel sluggish at work every once in a while. Still, remember to keep these tips in mind to help you have and enjoy a happier and healthier life at work.


Face Masks for Every Skin Type and Skin Problem


You’ve mastered your skincare routine down to the tiniest detail: You never leave your house without sunscreen or go to bed without washing your face. Still, there are times where your best efforts doesn’t seem to be enough. You wake up, only to find out some dry patches or a zit popping out – and you know that your acne cream and moisturizer isn’t enough to fix it. So what’s a girl to do? Skincare experts in Singapore recommend stocking up some face masks for your every skincare emergency needs.


Different Skin Types

  1. For Sensitive Skin

Blessed with sensitive skin? Then make sure that you keep a bottle of a soothing face mask ready to make your skin feel and look better. Eliminate blotchiness and redness by purchasing a mask with soothing ingredients like honey, lavender or oatmeal such as Mario Badescu’s Healing and Soothing Mask.

  1. For Dry Skin

Similar with sensitive skin, dealing with a dry skin can also be extra stressful. So do yourself and your skin a favour by slathering on a moisturizing mask on your skin before going to bed. Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask would be the best face mask choice for this skin type, as it combines shea butter, soybean and sweet almond oils to create a moisturizing powerhouse.

  1. For Oily Skin

We all want to have that effervescent glow on our skin – but not too much glow. So whenever your skin starts to look a little too shiny, immediately slather a clay mask on to absorb the oil. Its effect usually last a few days so you’ll need to reapply it every once in a while. If you’re a busy working girl, opt for clay masks that only takes a few minutes to work like the 10-Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin.

detox-face-mask (640x426)

Different Skin Problems

  1. Acne Breakouts

Surprise breakouts are definitely the worst. Luckily, you can now prevent it from getting worse by applying a face mask that dries up acne. One of the best face mask for this use would be Peter Thomas Roth’s Therapeutic Sulphur Acne Masque. Its combination of clay and sulphur helps in healing the acne and preventing it from recurring.

  1. Congested Skin

A congested skin usually occurs when sebum and dead skin cells build up and clog your pores. Prevent this from happening by deeply exfoliating your skin with First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay.

  1. Hyperpigmentation

Easily eliminate the dark spots left by your acne woes by using a brightening face mask like Fresh Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask. Use the mask as soon as the hyperpigmentation occurs to prevent it from getting darker due to sun damage.

Despite your best efforts to keep your skin healthy and glowing, there will still be time where skin problems will arise. But by knowing what face masks to use, you’ll definitely be able to beat those skin woes within just a few minutes.


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