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How to Paint Your Nails Any Color You Want in 5 Easy Steps

Just like a painting, your fingernails are a canvas that lets express your mood and personality. But because there are so many colors to choose from, you can sometimes forget that painting your nails without making a mess can be a little tricky.

But with a little time and patience, you can paint your nails in any color you want. All you need to do is follow these five simple steps:

1. Start with your supplies.

Your best bet in terms of nail polish is to choose a color that matches your mood and outfit. Make sure that the nail polish you have isn’t too old, as old nail polish can be really hard to apply.

If you do have to work with old nail polish, add a few drops of acetone to the bottle and shake to mix the bottle to mix. Special polish thinners from popular brands can also work for this purpose.

You should also take this time to get the other supplies(cotton balls, towel, Q-tips, nail buffer, nail file, polish remover, nailclippers, etc.) that you will need to paint your nails properly.

2. Push back your cuticles.

These little pieces of skin at the bottom of each nail can easily make your polish look messy, but are quite easy to push back with a cuticle stick once you’ve soaked your nails in warm water.

Warming up also goes for your nail polish bottle by rolling it in your palms for about thirty seconds. This allows the contents of the bottle to mix evenly without forming bubbles. 

3. Start applying the polish!

Start by applying a clear base coat to give your polish a surface to stick to and help the color last longer. Be sure to wait until this coat has fully dried before adding on the colored polish. Once the clear base coat has dried, position the brush just at the bottom of your nail and allow a drop of paint to fall on this exact spot and pool towards the rest of the nail.

The three-striped method is arguably the cleanest andeasiest way to paint your nails, and you can do this by dipping the brush inthe drop of color polish at the bottom and working your way up the nail in asstraight a line as possible.

4. Add the top polish coat.

Once the polish is painted on, allow it to dry before adding the last coat of clear polish. This seals in the color polish and keeps it from getting chipped, keeping your nails colorful for a long time.

5. Experiment!

Once you’ve painted your base coat, you can try all kinds of designs and art, from stickers, other layers of color polis, and glitter, before adding the last layer of polish.