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Causes of Hair Loss in Men

It’s normal to lose fifty to a hundred strands of hair a day. But many male Singaporeans, in fact, males all around the world, start to get signs of premature hair loss as early as the age of 20. Losing hair can be distressing to most people, that’s why it is important to know what causes hair loss, so as to avoid it. Here then are some reasons why we lose our hair. 

1. You’re getting old

Hair loss comes with aging. When we grow older, our hair growth will start to slow down and decrease in volume. You can take measures to delay hair loss, but it is unfortunately inevitable as we get older and older.

2. Genetics

Another common cause of hair loss comes with genetics. In fact, having it in your genes is one of the most common causes of hair loss. This is also associated with pattern balding, that “U-shaped” balding you most commonly see. There is one known effective genetic hair loss treatment that is said to end hair loss in 90% of men, though. It’s a prescription tablet called Finasteride.

3. Stress

Stress is also an obvious cause of hair loss although it can also be a result of it. This is also notably problematic because stress affects anyone regardless of age, weight, and etc. When you’re too stressed, your body undergoes hormonal imbalances that can negatively affect blood circulation around your scalp.

4. Not having a healthy diet

All the nutrients that we get from food obviously go to our vital organs first. Our hair and nails are the last ones that receive these nutrients. When we don’t eat healthily, this will be reflected on hair’s healthiness and growth.

5. Wearing things that pull on your hair

Yes, you might feel cool wearing that tight cap or tying your hair in braids and man buns, but you’re damaging your hair without even knowing it. Wearing things that pull on your hair can significantly harm your scalp. Specifically, damaged roots around the scalp will have difficulty and may even stop facilitating hair growth.

6. You may have scalp conditions

Scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis are common skin conditions typically found on the scalp. These conditions can cause an overproduction of skin cells that can manifest as flakes. They also cause drying of the scalp and increases itchiness. Hence, scratching your head can damage your hair follicles and possibly even spread the infection.

7. Washing too much or not enough

Washing your hair too much too frequently with shampoo can remove the scalps essential oils, which it normally needs to stay healthy. If you don’t wash enough, on the other hand, dirt and excess oil can build up on your scalp and hair follicles, all of which can hinder hair growth.