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Reasons You Should Try Drums

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The drum scene in Singapore is overall thriving and very active because of the promotion of arts. There are also a lot more drum students and teachers because of the many music schools. But drumming, more than the musical aspect, can really give us many advantages and benefits- more than you would expect.

Can be another form of exercise

Running primarily engages the legs and lower body, and rowing mostly involves the upper body. But using drum kit requires you to utilize both facets of the body. When played with enough intensity, drumming can be a great exercise for the whole body. Even when just playing 30 minutes of hand drums, you can already burn 200-300 calories. 

Stress reliever

Having an extremely stressful day and you just want to hit something? Let it all go with the sticks and the drum kit. The feel of vibrations that you get from the impact of the sticks and the drums can leave a meditative effect hence lowering blood pressure and reducing stress hormones. It’s also a fun physical activity that can divert our attention from all the stress.

Improves your coordination

As said earlier, drumming requires the use of both our lower and upper bodies. Adding to the difficulty, both arms and legs are engaged in different movements at the same time. This is why playing the drums can be difficult at first. But as you get better, you will notice that even the coordination between your eyes and limbs are improving.

Helps the brain

In most of our daily activities, only one or a few parts of our brain is used. But playing the drums employ different parts of the brain that usually isn’t utilized in other activities. In addition, reading the notes, checking the rhythm, and putting it all in practice requires an intense and well-organized train of thought. This is said to benefit and increase our IQ.

Helps you build confidence

Drummers have the ability to distinguish complex tasks, like the ones mentioned above, and manage them and do them with ease. This contributes to developing confidence, even with other aspects of life. You may think that guitarists are always on the spotlight, but there are also times when drummers shine.

A very social activity

Drummers like most musicians are always engaged in social interactions. You can be a part of one band or go around joining different bands and meeting new people. Also, because there are music schools in Singapore like Yamaha Music School, Academy of Rock, and Trinity Music School among the many, you have opportunities to learn and grow with others.

Makes you a better musician

The drums are basically the backbone of music. Drums are reliable for the rhythm and without it all other instruments will not have a basis for timing and melody. Knowledge of the drums, both theoretical and practical, can help you recognize rhythm easier and maybe even help you in producing your own music.

Jogging: Morning or evening?

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Many people choose to take a run either in the morning or the evening. Obviously, there are differences between both and many would argue for either side. But either way is still better than having no exercise at all. So here are some pros and cons of running on either time of the day.



It could be safer to run in the morning because if you’re running by the road, for example, you are more visible to approaching vehicles hence lowering the chance of getting an accident. Plus, you might pass through a dark alley at night and encounter a robber. Even with the low crime rates in Singapore, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Muscle development

Testosterone, the hormone liable for muscle building and development, is highest mid-morning. So if your trying to develop quads and calf muscles while jogging, it’s best to do it mid-morning when there is an increase of testosterone in the body.  


To some, a jog in the morning can be a great energy booster to start the day. It can help improve mental strength because you’ll have to fight that “I don’t want to get up yet” feeling. Jogging before any other major activity for the day could also prompt us to make healthier choices on food throughout the day.

A disadvantage of jogging though, especially early in the morning, is that your body temperature is still low and that you don’t have enough nutrients from food yet (if you didn’t have breakfast). In the morning, naturally the body’s temperature is still cold therefore the muscles are still tight. Exercising in this condition could give you a risk of injury. 


The body is warmed up

The body, temperature-wise, is at its top condition later in the day. This means that because the muscles are warmed up, you’ll have an easier run and won’t have to worry too much about injuries. The activities you do throughout the day could also contribute to this.

Avoid the heat

One of the reasons some run in the evenings is to avoid the heat, especially in Singapore where it’s almost always hot and humid. Moreover, you get to enjoy a cool breeze late in the afternoon and maybe even catch a scenic sunset.

Stress relief

Jogging in the evening gives you the chance to unwind and relieve the stress you’ve built up from work. Jogging, like other forms of physical exercise, can also promote a meditative state because of the increased release of endorphins that we get. This, as a result, improves our mood and helps us feel better.

The problem with running in the evening though, is that you might be too tired from your day that you won’t be able to do it anymore. The idea of exercising after an exhausting day at work can be too unmotivating. In addition, like what was said earlier, there could be issues regarding safety you should consider.

How to Paint Your Nails Any Color You Want in 5 Easy Steps

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Just like a painting, your fingernails are a canvas that lets express your mood and personality. But because there are so many colors to choose from, you can sometimes forget that painting your nails without making a mess can be a little tricky.

But with a little time and patience, you can paint your nails in any color you want. All you need to do is follow these five simple steps:

1. Start with your supplies.

Your best bet in terms of nail polish is to choose a color that matches your mood and outfit. Make sure that the nail polish you have isn’t too old, as old nail polish can be really hard to apply.

If you do have to work with old nail polish, add a few drops of acetone to the bottle and shake to mix the bottle to mix. Special polish thinners from popular brands can also work for this purpose.

You should also take this time to get the other supplies(cotton balls, towel, Q-tips, nail buffer, nail file, polish remover, nailclippers, etc.) that you will need to paint your nails properly.

2. Push back your cuticles.

These little pieces of skin at the bottom of each nail can easily make your polish look messy, but are quite easy to push back with a cuticle stick once you’ve soaked your nails in warm water.

Warming up also goes for your nail polish bottle by rolling it in your palms for about thirty seconds. This allows the contents of the bottle to mix evenly without forming bubbles. 

3. Start applying the polish!

Start by applying a clear base coat to give your polish a surface to stick to and help the color last longer. Be sure to wait until this coat has fully dried before adding on the colored polish. Once the clear base coat has dried, position the brush just at the bottom of your nail and allow a drop of paint to fall on this exact spot and pool towards the rest of the nail.

The three-striped method is arguably the cleanest andeasiest way to paint your nails, and you can do this by dipping the brush inthe drop of color polish at the bottom and working your way up the nail in asstraight a line as possible.

4. Add the top polish coat.

Once the polish is painted on, allow it to dry before adding the last coat of clear polish. This seals in the color polish and keeps it from getting chipped, keeping your nails colorful for a long time.

5. Experiment!

Once you’ve painted your base coat, you can try all kinds of designs and art, from stickers, other layers of color polis, and glitter, before adding the last layer of polish.

Cats or Dogs: A Future Pet Owner’s Guide to Choosing Pets to Adopt

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While most people have most likely already decided on an animal they’d want to get (if they haven’t already), you may find yourself at a loss when choosing between getting a dog or a cat as a pet. 

There are a lot of people and enthusiasts that love dogs and cats equally, and under the right conditions, they can even have both co-existing in harmony in the household. However, if you have to choose between either of the two, there are some things that you can use as a guideline on which one you should get.

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing a pet:

  • Living space – The amount of living space that you have at home is perhaps the biggest factor that will determine what pet you should have, as both cats and dogs need room to explore and adjust to.

You will also need to consider the people who live with you. Whether you have roommates, family members, or if you live with your partner/spouse, it’s important to make the decision a group decision.

Not only does this allow them toprepare for the possibility of living with a new roommate/family member, but italso comes off as a sign of respect for the people you live with.

  • Budget – Everything from food, medicine, and vaccines, to grooming and toys all cost money, and the costs can continue piling as your pet will be completely dependent on you.

Food, medicine, and vaccines are perhaps the biggest concerns when it comes to cost aside from the initial adoption budget. When you do decide to adopt, be sure to keep all these in mind.  

Dogs generally tend to be more expensive overall, while cats are often a more viable option to future owners who don’t have as much of a budget to work with.

  • Allergies– Allergies are another thing that you need to keep in mind, as it can almostinstantly decide whether you can even get a pet at home at all.

An alternative loophole to this may be to get a pet that’s hypoallergenic, such as a hypoallergenic cat, but the cost of care and shipping may ultimately prove to be beyond your budget.

  • Lifestyle – Whether you prefer to live an active, outgoing lifestyle or enjoy relaxing and staying indoors is crucial in getting a pet, as the pet you get will adopt your personality. This means that you need to take into account whether in fact you are willing to get up early in the morning or picking up after your pet on a regular basis.

For instance, dogs love stimulation and are highly social – which means that they shouldn’t be left alone or without attention all day. Meanwhile, cats are relatively quieter and are happy to sleep in most of the time.