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Apps to Simplify Your Life



There is nothing wrong with trying to accomplish many things in so little time but we have to make sure that we do not sacrifice the family. With this, many Singaporeans aspire for a balanced work-life relationship but sometimes it is hard to balance it especially with the hectic schedule. We can only hope that there are things that can assist us in simplifying life as we know it.


The good news is that there are applications that can simplify life as we know it. With the help of some applications, things will be easier and more convenient. Here are the applications that can simplify life:

  1. Evernote

For working people out there, Evernote is a famous application. This app is beneficial because it can synchronize someone’s personal notes through devices. This application will make sure that you do not forget things. So, next time when an idea hits you, you can rely on this tech genius to take your notes. It can work with photos and audio notes.

  1. Genius Scan

If you have a documents and need scanning, you can scan with ease using Genius Scan. This application is perfect for cataloguing notes and other things seen outside the office. You can swiftly scan documents and attach it as PDF file or JPEG.

  1. Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe Edge Inspect is for web designers. This application will allow web designers to open their work through numerous mobile devices. Web designers can use this application to adjust CSS and HTML.


  1. Flock

Flock is best to boost productivity. This application is perfect for real-time communication because of features like polls, snippet sharing and to-do’s. With this application, you can bring your clients to your conversations.

  1. LogMeIn

Sometimes there are some documents from your desktop that you suddenly need. This is no longer a problem because there is an application that lets you access your computer’s desktop using your smartphone. Aside from viewing documents, you can do other things like launching an application (from your desktop).

  1. Freedcamp

If you are looking for a total package, Freedcamp is a good application to consider. Freedcamp is actually project management software that shelter different services.

Depending on your needs, you can download these applications online. These applications are available on iOS and Android. Working is a struggle especially if you have other things to think about. With the help of these applications, things will be better, more simplified and easier. There are other apps that can help you if you only consider it.


Why You Should Start Using an Electric Car


Singapore is intent to be clean and green. This is especially now that the whole world in general is highly encouraged to go green and save the environment at the threat of climate change. Since most Singaporeans still opt to drive on their own cars, getting an electric car is coming up as a good alternative. Electric cars are cars that are driven by electric motors instead of fuel and are powered by rechargeable batteries. These are only some of the reasons why you should start thinking of getting an electric car:


Electric Cars are Cost-Effective

You no longer need to spend on fuel since you won’t need it anymore once you have an electric car. Electric cars are powered by rechargeable batteries so you only need to make sure you they are fully charged or that you have spare batteries. Spending on electricity is also much cheaper than spending on gas allowance.

Electric Cars are Good for the Environment

They don’t burn any fuel and are only reliant on clean energy source so this means electric cars are good for the environment and for everyone who lives in it. They don’t emit any of those unwanted smoke or toxic gases so you will be able to do your own part in saving the environment every day once you start driving electric cars. You’re making Singapore an even better place to live in.


Electric Cars are Safer

Just like other cars that are fuelled by gas, electric cars also undergo safety procedures before being released to the market. They also come with safety features such as an airbag. Should an accident happen, this airbag would be released and cause the electricity to stop to prevent any serious injuries. They have relatively slower speed, too, which can also help in preventing accidents.

Electric Cars are Low Maintenance

Unlike cars that are fuelled by gas, you wouldn’t need to lubricate an electric car’s engine. So this automatically saves you the trouble and overall cost of taking your car to your service station. The low maintenance it demands is enough to drive the overall costs down.

Electric Cars are Quieter

You can also help drive down the level of noise pollution by driving an electric cars. These cars are powered by powerful yet super quiet motor that allows for a quiet performance. You won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors anymore whenever you start the machine.