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Art Stage Singapore’s 2014 Edition


Art Stage Singapore announces their 2014 art fair, which will start on the 16th until the 19th of January 2014 at Marina Bay Sands, and a vernissage of the art exhibition will take place on the 15th.

Lorenzo Rudolf, the founder and fair director of this annual contemporary art fair, said that the art fair will serve as a catalyst for the growth of the regional art scenes and will also create synergy among the participants.

He added that art lovers keep coming back to their art fair every year to experience the best quality Asian art and also the diversified lifestyle of Singapore.

Art Stage Singapore—Three Things to Know

The Innovator

The founder of Art Stage Singapore is no other than Lorenzo Rudolf who is also a leading force in the international art arena. In fact, Lorenzo was the former director of widely known and acclaimed Art Basel. He spearheaded Art Basel Miami Beach, as well as SH Contemporary in Shanghai.  Because of his experience, acumen, and ingenuity, Art Stage Singapore is abreast of trends and developments.

Focus on Asia

Art Stage Singapore is strongly dedicated to promoting Asian art. In fact, it is the only international art fair with such special focus.  In its 2013 edition, a total of 131 galleries from across Asia and the world were brought together; 75% of which came from the Asia Pacific region.

A Constant Art Evolution

For its 2013 edition, the art fair aimed to contribute to local art education. It was truly a success as the art fair was able to organize more than 50 art talks and tours in partnership with NGOs, including The Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) and The School of the Arts (SOTA). For their 2014 edition, Art Stage Singapore will continue to bring exemplary Asian art to its audiences here and abroad.

Architectures That Awed the World


Singapore is small in terms of land area but it has a lot to offer in terms of development. The country is home to famous skyscrapers and other architectural works that awed the world. Just some of our famous masterpieces are Marina Bay, Resorts World and Esplanade. Here’s a list of other buildings that awed not only locals but the world:

Wangz Hotel

Wangz Hotel is located in Outram Road. When you see the building, you might think that it came from the future. The building was designed in aluminium and uneven windows that seek to reflect heat and keep it cool. It is one of the tallest structures in the area. Wangz Hotel provides panoramic views of Tiong Bahru. The hotel offers forty one rooms that are designed uniquely. The spacious and stylish rooms are perfect for tourists and businessmen. You can also visit their website at


Wanderlust is located in Dickson Road. It is a hotel/boutique establishment planned by top design agencies in Singapore. The four floors, comprised of 29 rooms, feature different themes. You will be guaranteed a different and unique experience from other occupants. The hotel/boutique is the home of Cocotte, the famous French restaurant. Check their website at

Thian Hock Keng Temple

Thian Hock Kheng Temple is located in Telok Ayer Street. This remarkable structure is dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea, Mazu. It was built by Chinese sea voyagers who were thankful for their safe passage. When you see the temple, you will surely wonder how this architectural design came into being. You will see assembled stones, woods, tiles, intricate carvings and detailed sculptures without nails. You can also visit their website at

There is Always Something for You


Singapore supports and promotes different music genres. Regardless of your genre, there is always something good for you. You can begin by considering the following list:

Indian Classical Music

Indian Classical Music is considered the world’s oldest form of music. It is different from other genre because it stresses melody and the faltering nature of notes. The beginnings of Indian Classical Music were seen in the era of tribal chants and Vedic hymns.   You can choose from the two distinct divisions of Indian Music- Carnatic and Hindusthani. The type of music and the basic concepts for the two divisions are very similar but you should look out for the musical invocation and the presentation. The invocation and presentation determine the difference of the two divisions.

Tong Ming Xi Gallery

If you are into string instruments, you should head to Tong Ming Xi Gallery. Tong Ming Xi is a Master Luthier that established a repair and restoring shop for string instruments. He also offers a service like no other-he will help you find the right instrument.

The gallery displays and sells superior antique European cellos, violas and violins. It is located in One Commonwealth. They are open from Monday-Friday (10AM to 7PM) and Saturday (10AM to 4PM). You can visit their website at

Folk Music

Folk Music here in Singapore is diverse like its people. There are Indian dances, Chinese folk music and Malay folk music. Whatever you choose, you will surely appreciate folk music and what it tries to depict.

If you are still looking for something to listen, there are others that you can consider. For instance you can consider the performances of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra or Singapore Symphony Orchestra. There’s Malay Music. For more information, you can check local listings or performance schedules.

Easy Side Businesses You Can Start On your Own


We love to hear stories about the guy who quit his job and started a business of his own and is now worth millions of dollars. But the reality is, leaving your job to put up your own business is a heck of a gamble—big time gamble. Good thing there are safer ways to earn. Below are four of those:


Blogging has become a very big force in the online community. If you enjoy writing, you can blog about a topic you are passionate about. You just need a stable internet connection, computer and creative ideas. There are also websites or virtual companies that compensate bloggers who have the commitment to consistently write.


Did you top a particular subject in college? Do you enjoy teaching and have patience with kids? Well this might be a good business for you. Establishing this might be hard at first, but you can start by letting your friends know you tutor in a specific topic and get your clients through referrals.

Events Hosting

If you’re the type of person who enjoys public attention, has the confidence and wit to arouse a crowd, then you already have everything you need to launch yourself as a host for events. You just have to keep your lines open for any gigs and invites and interact with a lot of people, and then you can expect some extra cash if people like your work.


If you have a taste of art and passion for baking sweets then this could be a great venue for you to showcase your skills. Learn the art of baking and designing goodies so you can sell it to your friends and get orders for special occasions. Desserts have a very large market. Good taste, connections and sales strategies are just the main ingredients.

Is Branding Important?


Misconception No 2 is similar to No 1 – most SMEs assume that branding can be done later
when they have more resources. I think this is due to a misinterpretation of branding – that it
is what you can see on the exterior, i.e. the company’s motto, motif designs and their vision
and identity.


In fact, branding begins much earlier, with looking for what the market needs, the advantages
that the product and services possess and how they can meet those needs to make their
marketing appealing to the target audience. It also involves the direct competition and their
strategy to prevent a duplication so that to be unique. The logo, colours chosen, packaging are
simply apparent extensions of the chosen marketing strategy.


They are essential in letting the target audience find out more about the brand and therefore
enable a business edge against the competition, right from the very start of the business.
Creative for example, has learnt how critical branding is the hard way, losing in terms of
market share to Apple which has a more uniform and unique branding approach.

Interacting to your target audience through the internet, flyers or even advertising is the
next step. This is another step that every single company goes through anyway to spread
awareness and build business opportunities. Expressing what your brand is about so that your
target audience is ‘pulled’ in by your marketing and choose your brand is done by all these
outlets like a company website and brochures.


To ensure that your business succeeds in the market, all these steps are needed regardless if
you have a consistent branding approach. Using branding in the right way makes sure that
there is a clear and concise message that comes across giving a helping hand in making your
business stand out among the competition.

Benefits of Using Online Marketing


Many businesses rely on traditional radio, TV, print advertising. Those marketing methods worked greatly at one point of time. However they have been on a sharp decline in the recent years especially when more and more adults and teenagers are wrapping their lives around their computers and the internet has made content so easily accessible anywhere they are with the release of smart phones like the iPhone.


If your business is one of those that relied heavily on traditional marketing, perhaps it is time for a change of perception when it comes to advertising in the new online medium. Youngsters these days are known to spend lots more time in front of their computer screen rather than watching TV. Add on to that, with Xinmsn coming up with the ability to stream almost all tv shows online, there is no wonder why teenagers would rather spend their time watching shows online than on TV when there are tons of adverts airing every 10 mins of tv show airtime.


Some people may not think that they can get many customers as compared to print advertising. But times have changed, we have to face it. By embracing online marketing, there are many benefits that comes with it.


One of the big advantage is that you get to spend a lot lesser for online advertising while being able to target specific and a targeted group of people. This results in higher ROI conversions and lesser ad spent. There are some start up cost in order to reach your customers online. First you would need a very well designed website. Your website is your virtual storefront, how well done it is speaks of how much you are committed to your customers. A very well done website may cost about 4-5k. There are also website developers that can design at 1-2k. But at the end of the day, it comes down to how much you want that customer to buy from you. First impression last a long time.

Online Marketing

Up next, we will discuss on the different online platforms to market your products and services on. Stay tune!

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