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5 Ways to Revamp Your Life


Getting a makeover doesn’t always involve your looks. Sometimes, it’s about leaving all your bad habits behind and starting anew. So if you feel the need to overhaul your life right now, here are some simple tricks on how you’ll be able to give yourself the kind of makeover that you need.


  1. Work Earlier. It may seem like a little thing, but setting your alarm clock an hour earlier can make a rather huge difference. Not only will you be able to avoid the heavy traffic, you’ll also feel motivated to work at an empty and peaceful office early in the morning.
  1. Make Peace With a Friend You Fought With. You were good friends in college, but before graduation, you had an argument and decided to not stay in touch. Don’t you think it’s time to start your friendship anew and just forget everything that happened? Well, don’t be scared and be the first one to reach out and rekindle your friendship.
  1. Get a New Haircut. There’s just no better way to feel like you’re a new and different person than getting a new haircut. Cut your Rapunzel-inspired locks into a long bob, or your medium-length hair to a chic pixie. Sometimes, getting a new haircut is already enough to inspire you to freshen up your life.


  1. Learn Different Languages. When you decide to learn Italian, Spanish or French, you’re not just embracing the language, but a part of another country’s culture as well. Other than that, you’ll also get to see things from an entirely different perspective. Learning the language is a bonus.
  1. Try a New Restaurant. Food isn’t simply a sustenance, it’s also an experience. If you’ve been eating in the same places, or ordering the same meals, then it might be time to add some excitement both into your palate and your life. Grab your girlfriends into some of the best steakhouses or dessert bars in your area, and see how each bite can revamp your life.

Giving your life a makeover isn’t as difficult as you imagine it to be. Just follow the aforementioned tips, and you’ll be able to revamp your life and start anew like nothing ever happened.


Pulling Ourselves From Quarter Life Crisis  



We are celebrating the International Happiness Day this March 20, 2015. This is United Nation’s way of encouraging people here in Singapore and around the world that happiness is a way of life. We should not let happiness dwindle because of our circumstances. What makes us happy? There are a lot of things here in Singapore that can make us happy if we only look closely.


However, not all people are happy now. Some are enduring quarter life crisis. Quarter life crisis is a feeling of discontentment, negativity and unhappiness – it is not pleasant. Things may look great on the surface but deep down inside, we are lost and unfulfilled. This will pull us to anxiety or worse, depression.

It is critical that we identify quarter life crisis and we learn how to pull ourselves from it. We have to realize that the only person that could pull us from quarter life crisis is ourselves. Getting our lives back on track is not easy but we should do it anyway. Here are some things that we can do to pull ourselves from quarter life crisis:

  • Share your feelings: Not all people are open about what and how they feel but sometimes, this is the easiest and the most cathartic way to get rid of unpleasant feelings. There are many people that we can talk to – our parents, friends and loved ones. Expressing our feelings makes things more manageable. People around us will know what we are going through and they’ll understand.
  • Spiritual healing: Spiritual healing is for everyone not just for the religious. When we are going through tough times, we pray. Praying or meditating will allow us to stay quiet and surrender everything to the higher power, the universe or whatever we believe in. Some think that this doesn’t make sense but sometimes we have to accept that there are things that we cannot control.


  • Make a lot of plans: Plans are important because it can give you reason to look forward. When we are in quarter life crisis, we are thinking of our purpose or is there something in the future worth pursuing. Making lots of plans can help us set our perspective. Even if it sounds counterintuitive, we have to make plans anyway.
  • See a therapist: It will be helpful if someone professional helps us get through everything. We need to figure out what we really want with our lives and the therapist might conclude everything. The therapist will ask the right questions leading to the right answers. There are many therapists here in Singapore that we can consider.


How to Improve Your Work?


One of the most important things in life is work. You will have a miserable life if you don’t have any work because work is one of the many sources of money. You need to work so that you can eat, you can buy clothes and many things that you need. Sometimes, your work too boring and too challenging and it is a normal situation that can happen in a company.



Challenging work is chosen by most employees because this is where the skills and capacity will be tested. However, for some they choose boring work because they are still paid even if they do nothing. Build a strong relationship with your co-workers. We see these people almost every day. They are the individuals that we should talk to achieve a good environment and lessen the stress all of you feel.


Many workers complain about differences and one of the reasons why workers quit is quarrel between employees. It is not really a good choice if you stay in a company that is full of maybe uneducated individuals and backstabbers. It will only stress you.

If you are employed in a specific company for so many years and there’s this individual who do everything just to be on top, do not let him do it especially when he is your worst enemy at work. Now, if you are a worker who is starting to build a career and you are not given the chance to do so, it will be a good choice if you go to another company that can help you build your career.



How to Break the Cycle of Enabling


We have an innate desire to fix things especially if it involves our loved ones. We do our best to help the people we love when they have difficulties but sometimes, helping them is harmful because it only robs them of the chance to become independent. This is called enabling. There is nothing wrong with helping but if it encourages other people to be dependent, that will stunt personal growth.


You have break the cycle of enabling. It is difficult to break it but it should be done. Here are some tips that you can consider when you are thinking of breaking the cycle of enabling:

Think about it

When someone asks you to help him/her, you have to think about it. You have to assess the situation and make sure that it is the best action. If possible, you can draw up a plan and share it to your family or friends. If you think that your love one or friend can handle it, that is great.

Encourage long term goal

Short term goal is helping your family or friend with his/her problem without further ado. Long term goal is letting your family or your friends handle their issues. It is better to let them be than help them all the time. You are just encouraging self-reliance.

Explain your point

If you cannot help your family or friend, you have to explain your point. You need to explain so they can understand your point. If you will help, you should at least define the limit.

Hold your ground

There will come a time that your heart becomes very soft that you want to help even more. That is not recommended because you are only making them more dependent.

Stop executing their responsibilities

No matter how badly they need help, you have to stop cleaning their mess. They should learn how to take care of their mess. You have to stop executing their responsibilities and let them handle it.

If you are not convinced of the things mentioned above, you can look for other tips. No matter what you think is right, it is important that you know how to deal with enabling so you will succeed at the end of the day. The ultimate goal of breaking enabling is to be independent.

Singapore is a complicated place. You will surely encounter many problems here but if you know what to do, you will surely survive. If you are the “enabler”, you need to inculcate that problems should be faced not passed around.

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