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Struggles You Encounter at Work and How to Deal With Them



Every year, many students finally earn their degree and graduate here in Singapore. That is a big feat especially in the part of the parents. Many students believe that graduation is the end of their long struggles but wait until you experience being part of the work force. When you are working, you wish you could turn back the time to the good old days.


Finding work is not easy as you think. You will still encounter struggles. Remember that struggles are not exempted for fresh college graduates so you should know how to deal with it at the onset. In fact, you will encounter more struggles than ever so preparing yourself is the best countermeasure you can consider.

You will start from the bottom

Regardless of your school or age, you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Employers do not care what’s on your resume. They will see if you can handle any job and that means starting from the lowest position. Since you are a fresh graduate seeking for job experience, you cannot do anything but comply even if it means low wage. Just hang in there. Pretty soon you will get the grind and the pace.

You do not know everything

Sometimes it is easier to believe that you know everything. You have to know that when in the workplace, it is always better not to assume that you know everything. Even if you graduated at the top of your class, there are still things that you do not know.Just be humble about it and it can make your relationship with fellow workers harmonious. Who wants to be with a proud fresh graduate? The trick here is to listen to your co-workers. When your boss tells you something, just do not take it personally and continue to improve.

Money does not come easy

By now you already know that money does not come easy. You cannot just expect to have a big salary especially if you are entry level. You have to sacrifice some years to build your career. It is hard to meet everyday expenses with salary but you can do something about it. For some time, you should consider cost cutting. However, do not deprive yourself of little treats every now and then – you deserve it.

The struggle is real. In a sea of people vying for a particular job, it is important that you know how to deal with struggles so you can keep it.