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5 Struggles Every Extrovert Secretly Deals With

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When people talk about extroverts, usually we hear something like “they’re outgoing persons, their life must always be fun and easy.” False. Extroverts may not seem as complex or delicate, but they have a whole different category of struggles that they have to constantly deal with, too. These five are all too real for most (if not all) extroverts out there.

1. Using the terms “extrovert” and “outgoing” interchangeably.
Although there are outgoing extroverts, having an extroverted personality doesn’t always mean that you’re a super outgoing person. While introverts find it recharging to be alone, extroverts find energy around people. However, once an extrovert has found friends to be around, they do not feel the need to go out and make new friends, since they already found a group to get their energy from.

2. People instantly assume you love to be in huge crowds.
Yes, they’re comfortable with having people around, but extroverts don’t always want to be thrown in a rave-like environment. Most of the time, they get their dose of people-time from their group of close friends, not in a rave party or in a concert.

3. Extroverts always perceived as confident individuals.
Having an extroverted personality doesn’t mean you have an abundance of confidence. Sure, it isn’t a big deal to be around people for extroverts, but that doesn’t imply that they are 100 percent confident in their actions and in themselves. I, myself, am an introvert, but there have been several times when I felt small, shy and unsure of myself.

4. The friendliness often gets mistaken for flirting.
Just because an extrovert smiles, engages conversation and talks playfully doesn’t mean they are romantically interested to the person they’re conversing with. Being an extrovert simply means that the person enjoys the company of others—they can appear confident and are comfortable striking up a conversation with anyone regardless of how little or how much they know them.

5. People assume you are always happy.
Generally, extroverts are cheerful human beings, but that doesn’t mean their emotions only range from slightly happy to very happy. They are still human beings—they have emotions. Just like anyone, they also experience the full range of emotions.

So, if you know (or encounter) someone with an extroverted personality, remember these before saying (or thinking) any stereotypical things about them. Being an introvert has its own struggles as well, so embrace your uniqueness and just follow what your heart desires.

The Benefits of Being A Loner

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Being a loner doesn’t mean you’re weird or socially impaired. It just means you don’t need to put up with other people’s drama. You’re independent and you don’t need a huge circle of friends to get on with life. Here are the other benefits of choosing to be on your own.

You don’t need a lot of people for important events.
That doesn’t mean you don’t want the whole world to know how happy you are. It’s just that you choose to share it only with the people who matter. Loners don’t have a lot of friends but they’re known to form the most enduring of friendships and close family ties. Nothing is wrong with sharing the most important, both happy and sad, moments of your life with your immediate family and a few people who will genuinely share your happiness or grief.

You don’t need shallow friendships.
Meaningful friendship doesn’t come from numbers. Most friendships are based on common interests, delusions and illusions in life. It takes a number of people to sustain the illusion that you’re part of a happy group. Some people use friendship to fill in missing relationships that they cannot experience at home. When the time comes, however, new obligations and opportunities come up and most of these friendships don’t survive.

Your time is your own to enjoy.
Whenever you feel like going out, there is no need to talk and compromise. Even the closest of friends don’t agree on everything or like the same things. If you’re alone, you don’t need to waste time deciding where to eat, where to shop, which movies to watch or which music to listen to. You also have more time to think about life in general. You don’t feel awkward being alone in public places.

You are a good observer and listener.
Observing people can be as insightful as meaningful conversations. Observers can often be good judges of characters. Loners can see a lot of things other less introspective people don’t about themselves. You’re a good listener and can often catch details that others miss. Your powers of observation allows you to see the drama-seeking people you want to stay away from.

You’re not shy, you just take your time.
Being a loner is often equated to being shy as well, but that is not always true. You’re well aware that not everyone can relate to you. It’s not being selfish, but you do admit that some people are unnecessarily making their lives complicated and so you want to stay away as far as possible. That is why most of the great thinkers in history were loners. They were seen as lunatics by some because, but it was during their alone time that they came up with ideas.

You’re independent and strong.
Loners have a tendency to over-think and get lonely sometimes. It’s also difficult to build relationships because you don’t open up easily, but not having to deal with drama means you don’t bring others into your problems too. You don’t depend on anyone for help and if you’re disappointed, you don’t need to bring others down with you.

How to Look Great in Patterned Suits



It’s pretty easy to get dressed in plain suits. Patterned or printed suits are much trickier to pull off, but keep in mind these fashion tips and you’ll surely turn heads—for good reasons—anywhere you go.



Pinstripe is the perfect business suit. It’s a style that’s very popular in the 1920s, but today it’s a little more refined. The key to finding the perfect pinstriped suit is in the stripes. Look for pencil-thin stripes as this gives you a more laidback yet stylish look. There are many different colours to choose from, but navy blue is the most recommended as its versatile, which you can wear from day to night. To complete the look, pair your pinstripe suit with crisp white button-down shirt and dark brown suede monk-strap shoes.


This is perhaps the most flamboyant suit pattern because of its boldness. This type of pattern can be worn as sports and casual jacket or as a whole suit. If you’re brave and feeling bolder, team your windowpane patterned suit with a gingham small chequered button down shirt. Paired with black loafers, a gray windowpane suit would be perfect for any meeting.


This is an iconic suit pattern and is usually seen on blazers and sports jackets. Glencheck is very popular in colder months as it is often seen on woollen fabrics. When dressing up a glencheck suit, it’s ideal to match it with a plain button down shirt instead of a printed or patterned one to avoid overdoing the look. If wearing a navy glencheck, a plain white shirt and black derbys would look exquisite. If going for a grey glencheck, a light blue under shirt and brown oxfords would be an ideal match.


These patterns are often found on jackets and coats and on wool or tweed fabrics to give the material a luxurious and thick feel. A charcoal houndstooth suit looks just appropriate for the office. To complete your look, go match your houndstooth suit with a white button down and a pair of black brogues.

Tips to Wear It Right

  • Your printed suit is already the focal point of your look. So, avoid wearing more eye-catching pieces if you don’t want to look sloppy.
  • Always keep your inner shirt simple. You can never go wrong with a crisp, white dress shirt.
  • If you want to pull off a patterned-on-patterned look, pair a small-patterned suit (like thin stripes) with large-patterned shirt (like larger chequered). If the suit is in larger patterns, balance it with small-patterned shirt.
  • Wear it with confidence. Being stylish isn’t just about the clothes you wear, but also about how you carry yourself.

Patterned suits may be intimidating, but with the right know-how, you’ll realize that pulling it off is no rocket science. The next time you need to attend an event or a meeting, get out of your comfort zone and try this updated and sophisticated look.

What to Do If You Lose Your Car Keys?


SharePerhaps, every car owner has experienced losing their car keys at least once in their lives. If at any point you find yourself in such situation—lost your car keys, stuck in the middle of the city, and locked out of your car, do not fret as you can call a locksmith Singapore. These people are professionals and well-experienced so you’re sure you can get out of your jam in no time.


So, what should your protocol be when your car keys are nowhere to be found?

1. Secure First Your Safety: If you don’t feel safe in the place where you are locked out of your car, don’t hesitate to call 999. In some cases, police can help unlock car doors. If they can’t, at least they can secure you and your car while waiting for assistance.

2. Try to Remember If Someone Has a Spare of Your Car Key: Does your mom or dad, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or even your best friend have a duplicate for your car key? Or do you have a spare key at home that someone can pick up for you? Try to find out if anyone has a spare key for your car before calling anybody for assistance.

3. Check If By Any Chance You Left Your Trunk Open: In many cars, you can simply push the back seat from the trunk to gain access to the car interior. From the trunk, you can pull the tab located behind the backseat to unlock the seat and allow you to push it down.


4. Call Your Car Dealer: For those of people who have just recently bought their car, you can call your car dealer for assistance. Most dealers usually keep a duplicate key of purchased vehicles. However, this provides the best chances only to those who have purchased their cars for no more than a year. If you’re lucky enough to get a duplicate from your car dealer, it is indeed a free and easy solution to unlocking your car.

5. Call a Tow Truck: If the first four options failed, your next best solution is to call a tow truck. Most Singapore tow trucks provide car lockout services 24/7. However, this assistance doesn’t come free and will require you to pay a certain amount.

6. Get a Temporary Car Key: Your car dealer or a reputed locksmith Singapore can provide you an inexpensive key that will open the car doors (but not start the car) so you can retrieve you car keys, if they’re not lost and are just stuck inside the car. However, be prepared to answer questions to prove the car’s ownership.

7. Always Have an Extra Key Handy: Stash a duplicate of your car key in your wallet or purse. It would also help if you have another spare kept in a well-hidden spot in your car. Bring your car keys in a certified and trusted locksmith and have them duplicated so you’ll never be locked out of your car again.

Call a Locksmith: If everything else fails and found out that your only car key is gone, you are going to need the expertise of a locksmith like prosmith services singapore to come and unlock your car. Expect to pay for a higher price for more modern cars as these cars have more complex system to bypass. However, the remote-entry key fob of your car can only be replaced by your car dealer as this needs to be programmed to your vehicle.

8. Purchase a Car with Extra Benefits: For those who are still planning to buy their own car, avoid getting into this unfortunate circumstance by purchasing a vehicle with extra benefits. There are cars that won’t lock if the key is in the ignition and any of the doors is open. Also, some vehicles from Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford have door-mounted keypad that allows you to enter a secret code to unlock the door.

Losing your car keys and being locked out of your car is a hugely stressful situation. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can do, and there’s always locksmith Singapore to help you out with almost any possible locking problems.


The Best Cities for Cheap Dates  



We are living in a world where everything is determined in monetary value. Even when dating someone, it entails money. If we do not have money, we cannot take our special someone to different places and enjoy. We have to look for a place that offers cheap dates.


Now, we all know that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world so definitely this is not the best place for cheap dates. Singapore is famous for luxurious dates and grand events. If we have money, we could splurge our special someone here.

If we are not in the luxury to splurge, we have to know the best places for cheap dates. According to an annual survey published by the Deutsche Bank, Indian cities are the best place for cheap dates. Note that the Deutsche Bank’s idea of “cheap date” is a movie, McDonalds and couple of drinks. If this is our idea of “cheap date” as well, Indian cities are definitely for us.


Deutsche Bank also identified Kuala Lumpur as the most affordable city for weekend high-end getaway. A weekend high-end getaway (couple of nights at 5 star hotels) in Kuala Lumpur costs only $480.20. For the world’s most expensive dates, Australia is at the top spot. For a weekend getaway in Sydney, it costs $2, 164.

Deutsche Bank also named countries with the most expensive products or goods. For example, a pair of jeans in China (like Levi’s 501) is more expensive than in Paris. An iPhone is more expensive in Brazil than in United States.