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5 Tips On How to Clean the House With the Kids Around



Cleaning the house is easy if you are alone but when kids are present, the house never cease to get so disorganized and dirty. All parents know that it is exhausting to maintain a clean and neat house especially with children around. If you do not clean for one day, the mess and clutter will pile up and the house will look revolting.


Cleaning the house seems difficult with the children running up and about but the good news is that with intentional effort and planning, you can restore harmony. Here are some tips on cleaning the house even if kids are around:

  1. Sort and remove. Kids tend to hoard toys but they have only a few favourites. It is important that you know which toys are their favourites and then sort it. Once sorted, donate or sell them. If the clutter is ignored, it will balloon rapidly. One way to stop cluttering is to limit or check the items entering the house.


  1. Be organized. If you are planning for renovation, you have to consider small storages but if it is not an option, you should make use of other storage solutions like boxes, baskets and stools. It would be better if these will fit under the kid’s bed. When storing, make sure that you group similar items together and orient kids about it so the next time they look for something, they will not hunt madly.


  1. Inculcate house rules. It is crucial that you inculcate house rules such as: put everything back in its proper place or clean as you go. These words are simple but once done, it can make a whole lot of difference at the end of the day. These words can indeed prevent the build-up of mess. While inculcating house rules, make sure that you are consistent with your efforts since they will tend to imitate you.


  1. Make cleaning a family activity. Cleaning is not an individual activity. It should be the activity of the whole family. You should make it a practice to clean the house fast with the help of the whole family say for thirty minutes. If you get everyone on board, things will be easier, faster and more fun.


  1. Limiting the play area. Limit the toys to the nursery or playroom. If you have a limited space, designate a corner in the house that they can play. You should instil that they should not go beyond that area if they want to play again.

Cleaning is important in every household. Even if you have kids around, cleaning should still be done.


Community Awareness: Project 4650


Apathy is not a good word. All people should be aware of the things happening around them especially in the community where they live. Are you living somewhere in East Coast Park? Maybe you have heard about Project 4650. It is a project that seeks to resettle homeless people at East Coast Park. It commenced in 2010. So far, it helped more than two hundred thirty families. The project spurred because of the surfacing of tents alongside East Coast Park beach.


Here are the things that you need to know about Project 4650:


Project 4650 offers IRH (Interim Rental Housing) Scheme. IRH is a great help to homeless people. Though it is just temporary, the fact that they have a home while they look for a job is a good thing. For a three room flat, the rent is at S$300.


Financial planning

Project 4650 also helps the families, especially the parents in the field of financial planning. Financial planning is important so they will know how to handle their finances and their investments. Choosing the right investments and knowing how to handle finances will make a stable and secure family. There are other workshops too.


For their children, Education is vital. Project 4650 helps the students in their school. There are free tutoring sessions. Apart from that, children can go to Siglap Community Club to do their homework and enjoy studying. Parents can also ask for financial support when it comes to their children’s school arrears.

The project is proud because of its holistic approach. It is indeed difficult to continue life without a home and without a job. The project does not only settle the parents but it also settle other family members especially children who are going to school. The results now are tangible. The team is looking forward to many projects, partnership and models that can help better the families.

Watch Local Musicals


The year 2013 for Singaporeans is very prosperous. The economy is doing well and infrastructures and lifestyles are better than ever. 2013 also brought countless international shows in the shores of Singapore. Some international shows that are welcomed by Singaporeans include The Phantom of the Opera, Stomp, Dirty Dancing, The Addams Family and many more.

There is nothing wrong if you are a fan of worldwide hits. But you should never forget to promote and support your local talents. There are many local musicals or shows that you can be proud of. You should watch:


Pursuant is a local musical show that tackles about dreams. The story is futuristic and awakening. You will be moved by the story and you will surely relate to it. It is about a boy who is doing his best to restore the nation’s dreams for in the year 2023, dreaming is banned. Accompany Ethan and his sidekicks on their countless adventures to restore the dreams.

All people will enjoy the plot. The musical will be held at the Drama Centre Theatre – Black Box, 100 Victoria Street, National Library Building, Singapore. It will start on May 31 and it will end on June 8, 2013. You can choose to pay S$40.00, S$35.00 and S$30.00. Buy tickets now so you can choose the best seat. See your ticket for more information about screening times.

Of Babies and People

It is a play that discusses the issues and stories of life, love, parenthood and surrogacy. The play will commence on May 25, 2013 at the Gardens by the Bay, Supertree.

There are more to come. Just wait for it, be patient and when it is there, support it.

Most Awaited Movies in 2013


2013 will definitely be an epic year for the film industry in Singapore as many await the following movies.


Iron Man 3

Singaporeans will rush to the cinemas this May 3 to catch this third instalment about the story of the popular superhero that is also a part of the Avengers.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Hitting the big screen on May 17, this sequel of Star Trek under the direction of J.J. Adams is said to lure non-Star Trek fans and followers alike.

Man of Steel

One reason this movie is most awaited by Singaporeans is that it is produced by Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight Trilogy and directed by Zack Snyder of 300 and Watchmen. Set to hit the cinemas on June 14, expectations of Superman fans abound this movie.

World War Z

Brad Pitt and zombies seems like an appealing combination, which is why many moviegoers are excited to watch this film on June 21. Based on the best-selling novel “World War Z” by Max Brook, this movie is said to be the chartbuster version the zombie apocalypse.

Monsters University

Kids and kids-at-heart are all waiting for the release of this movie on June 21. As a prequel, this movie will tell the story of how Sullivan and Wazowski met each other before they became Scarers in the first movie hit, Monsters Inc.

The Wolverine

Set to hit the big screen on July 26, the producers of this movie, together with star Hugh Jackman of Les Misérables, sought inspiration from the much-admired 1982 comic book limited series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

Thor: The Dark World

This sequel, directed by Alan Taylor, excites Avengers fans as it will be released on November 8. Taylor promises that this movie will be even more ambitious than the first one.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The first movie, ‘The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey’, ended in a brilliant way, enough to build the anticipation of its fans for a sequel. Director Peter Jackson assures The Hobbit’s thrilled fans of a movie jam-packed with adventures on December 13.

Displaying Your Oil Painting in an Art Gallery


When it comes to finding the right art gallery to display your beautiful oil painting, there are no rules being set. You must be ready to go with the flow. Actually, just like the cold call, you have to check the schedule of the art gallery in Singapore , ensuring, that you aren’t interrupting a big event or mainly a busy time. You should also ensure yourself that you have done your homework and simply familiarized yourself with the art gallery that displays beautiful oil painting pieces. You have to look your best. You may also ask to talk with the director or the owner, yet you have to be informed and simply demonstrate that you truly understand the program of the gallery.

Painting by VinciArts Oil Painting Gallery

You must also let them know the reason why your art work is simply a good match for them to take. Do not also walk with the oil paintings being tucked right under your arm. This may simply look a little desperate. Instead, you could just leave a business card with the information of your website or simply a portfolio for the review. Do not merely overwhelm with much of information and leave them out wanting for more. You must also walk carrying your good attitude and need to be courteous.

Painting by VinciArts Gallery

The look and see – you must also invite your targeted gallery in order to visit the current showing of your own oil painting Singapore portfolio. Most of the artists simply show their artwork and oil painting works at some shows, exhibits, banks, restaurants, frame shops, interior design shops and simply in their own studios. Whenever you are lucky enough to live in such a community with possible gallery for you, this could surely work for you. As a suggestion, you could send them up with the printed invitation comprising your oil paintings images to the director or owner of the art gallery in Singapore, while then following them up with a phone call.

Doing those tips mentioned above could give you the chance to be a good artists, no matter where you are maybe, even in Singapore, you could surely make a name in the industry of arts. Once you have achieved that, you can sell your art pieces and the oil painting that you drew at good prices. Alternatively you can also tie up with some other established art galleries to display your oil paintings for sale but expect to give a high commission value to these art galleries.

Painting Services Beautifies Your Home



Many things are necessary for giving your house a bright and beautiful look. Architecture of the house, wall hangings, and other decorative items are important but you cannot ignore the importance of paint. A nice, evenly painted house definitely looks much brighter and it seems that it is welcoming the visitors always. If you are a resident of Singapore and want to give your residence a highly attractive look both in terms of bright paint colors and best color contrasts, then a large number of painting services Singapore are available in this regard. No doubt, the highly good worth and compliant-free history is the mandatory requirement to prove a painting company. However, the best price for Singapore painting services is definitely not an ignorable factor. We cannot claim a painting service an ideal one just on behalf of skilled workers, use of fine-quality paint and minimum 2 years guarantee of nil color faintness. The overall cost of painting a house, including service charges and price of paint, should be very economical as well. However, what is the most suitable way of finding such company that would be famous in terms of both complaint-free service as well as best price for painting services in Singapore. Obviously, internet is the most reliable and efficient solution for this problem. However, there are also some tactics to find the most suitable and economical painting service even at internet.