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Battling Unpleasant Refrigerator Odors  



When you open a refrigerator, there should be a pleasant smell that entices us to eat – ideally. However, many refrigerators here in Singapore have the same problems – foul odors. An undetected spill can smell bad if you let it be. If your refrigerator has unpleasant smell, it can affect your appetite and possibly the appetite of the whole family.


For your next rest day, perhaps it is time that you give regard to your refrigerator. You should clean it to oust foul odors. Starting a regular cleaning routine for your refrigerator not only keeps bad odors at bay but also it can extend its longevity.

After establishing a regular cleaning routine, it is time for more tips. Here’s more:

  • Wrap food: When you put different foods inside the refrigerator, there is a tendency that their odors will mix. The best thing to do is to wrap the food or keep it in storages or containers. If you really want to make sure that their smell will be contained, you have to use tinfoil as additional blocker.
  • Allow ventilation: The common odor regulator is baking soda. It is true that baking soda can make a difference at the end of the day but sometimes, you need to do more. If the odor still persists, it is time to turn the refrigerator off and unplug it then open the door for at least twenty four hours. Opening the doors will allow ventilation. Of course, do not forget to remove the contents first.


  • Isolate: There are foods that are known for their strong odor. The best thing to do is to isolate them from other containers. Refrigerators have meat drawers, you can maximize it. This is to prevent the dripping of the juices. You should not put meats on shelves because there is a tendency that juices will seep into other foods.
  • Look after ice trays: The odors from food can seep into ice cubes. If ice cubes taste something weird, you have to discard it. The trick here is to clean the trays as often as necessary.
  • Call a technician: Now, if you scoured and rubbed the refrigerator but still there is this foul smell, it is time that you call your technician. The problem may be the insulation or the liner – something beyond your control. It is difficult to clean insulation or liner. The technician will also determine if your refrigerator is still in good condition.

Now that un-pleasantries are being handled, your refrigerator will surely smell marvellous.


What Happens When a Grass is not Properly Maintained?


It is said that grass that are not cut down will be prone to harmful things such as nails, thumb tacks and other sharp and pointed things. When these things are not removed in your lawn there is a great possibility of injuries and/or accidents to happen most especially to children. Thus, cutting your garden grass is very essential.



Also, we need to shorten the grass to prevent harmful insects from dwelling. Because grass is damp and moist, deadly insects like dengue and malaria-carrying mosquitoes may live and most probably be its breeding place. Although you cannot visibly see water in the grass, any small amount of stagnant water is a perfect breeding area for this blood-sucking insect.


Aside from preventing accidents to happen, grass cutting also helps your garden look beautiful. Looking in a clean and short grass is pleasing to the eyes. Obviously, people are not only the one who can benefit about having a properly cared grass. Grass can also acquire the advantages of being cut down. However, it must be mowed the right way so that it will not die or produce a terrible appearance. You know the 1/3 rule? This rule is used in almost all kinds of grasses in the field. This is the correct height to be cut down. Cutting the lawn more than 1/3 of its height is a big no-no because it can kill the plant.

Grass needs to be mowed on its exact schedule and exact height to avoid damage which can make your garden look disfigured. Clearly, it is very important to maintain the grass in the backyard and never take it for granted because in the long run, you will be the one who can benefit from it.