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3 Fun and Affordable Date Ideas for Valentine’s


It seems like yesterday when we celebrated the entry of a new year, now it’s almost the start of a new month. The month of February houses the date of one of the most iconic celebrations in the world today, Valentine’s Day.


For the men out there who are still clueless on what to do with their significant others on this day, we compiled some of the most fun date ideas for Valentine’s Day. And the best part, you need not put a dent on your spending.

Dinner Reservation

A couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, book a reservation in a restaurant that you both like. Make sure to do an advanced booking because usually on a few days before February 14, most of the restaurants are fully booked. Furthermore, booking in advance may also entitle you to discounts and other freebies.

Cook for your partner


If you are a man confident of your skills in the kitchen, then make her dinner at your house. Cooking for her gives a personal touch the whole event that she’ll surely highly appreciate. It also shows her that you can serve and take care of her. After dinner, you can just sit on the couch, sip wine and talk. To make the gesture more thoughtful, you can also give her a foot rub or a massage.

Ice skating

Some people just want to do sweet gestures for their partner. Ice skating is a fun date idea for these people because couples can hold hands and be close while skating. The cold environment will also give you an excuse to cuddle up. After skating, you can both go into a coffee shop and have some hot chocolate.


Singapore Lunar New Year


Generally, Chinese New Year is a very important occasion for all Chinese all over the globe. In Singapore, Lunar New Year celebration or the Spring Festival is the most exciting and that most awaited event. Traditionally, the celebration starts on the first month of the Chinese calendar and it ends on the 15th day of the festivity.



For each year, different clothing is being worn by several people to signify that the event is ongoing. Also, this is to bring the new luck and throw away all misfortune for the past year. In is believed that before the Chinese New Year, everyone must lean their homes so that fortune would easily come inside the house.

This celebration makes every race in Singapore be united. However, it doesn’t mean that it is celebrated by other culture. Other tribes are only paying respect to Chinese so that the celebration would be prosperous.


For the said event, Chinese people in Singapore most especially children visit their family and friends bringing with them red packets (or what we call hong bao) that should be filled with penny. On the other hand, for adults, it is a tradition that there must be a reunion dinner so that all family members unite. The said dinner is held every Eve of the Lunar festival.

Truly, the Chinese event in the locale is very lively with sights and sounds including the attractive red lanterns that are hanging outside the homes of many people who belong to the Chinese society. To add, the inviting smell of the chows make every race entice.