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Waking Up Feeling Tired? Here’s Why, According to Science

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Alarm clock rings, you start to get up but still drowsy. Why? It doesn’t make any sense to feel sleepy in the mornings when you have been asleep for the past eight hours or so. Shouldn’t you wake up to the feeling of being energized and refreshed? No. According to science, there are reasons that explain why, unless you suffer some sleeping disorder.


In a neurobiological perspective, a person spends most of his time in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep while dreaming at the same time. The brain is very active during this time that it quickly consumes large amounts of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), a molecule responsible for storing and releasing energy in cells. According to experts, Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that restrains, i.e. shuts down the neurons that makes someone attentive. The drowsiness is caused by the Adenosine remains that were accumulated in the brain while dreaming.

Who You Slept With

According to an article by Gary L. Wenk, Ph.D., a neuroscience, molecular virology and psychology professor at the Ohio University, a study was conducted to investigate couples’ sleeping quality, specifically checking the balance of REM and absence of it. For women, sleeping with a man caused negative effect on the quality of sleep. Intimacy preceding sleep reduced the negativity of women’s subjective report but REM and non-REM was still unbalanced.

On the other hand, the sleeping quality of men sharing a bed with a female partner resulted otherwise—irrespective of whether an intercourse occurred. In short, men’s subjective report of sleep quality is higher when sleeping with a woman than alone; while women do not benefit from sleeping with a man unless physical contact is involved beforehand.

What You Ate

What you eat prior to bedtime has something to do with the quality of your sleep. A study suggests that sweets may help promote drowsiness as elevated blood sugar levels have been observed to heighten neuron activity that induce sleep. When these neurons sense sugar presence in the blood, they promote the feeling of drowsiness which most likely explains why we feel the urge to take a nap after having a large meal.

Your Sleeping Time

Evening-type (people who stay up late and wake up at a later time) individuals were more likely to suffer from daytime dysfunction and poor sleep quality, according to Wenk. Late bedtime is also associated with reduced Hippocampal volume—responsible for memory and learning abilities.

Not Enough Sleep

While the exact number of sleeping hours for someone to fully and properly function is unknown, sleep deprivation can lead to many negative effects such as excessive drowsiness, weight gain, pick fights and dwell on negative emotions. According to SingHealth “small amounts of sleep loss over many nights may result in subtle cognitive loss” which is unrecognizable until it becomes severe and disturbing. After all, a good sleeping hygiene is a must to function properly.

5 Health Benefits of Lemon Water Detox


Although it’s quite tempting to grab your favourite latte or iced tea when looking for drinks to quench your thirst, it’s also important to keep in mind that these beverages contain lots of sugar and calories. For a healthier and more flavourful drink alternative, opt for lemon water. Not only does it have zero calories, it also works wonders in providing your body with the following health benefits.


  1. Reduces Inflammation. It may not look like it, but drinking lemon water on a daily basis can actually decrease the acidity in your body. Other than that, it also removes the uric acid found in your joints, which mainly causes inflammation.
  1. Aids in Digestion. If you’re looking for some natural cure for your bloating problems, then drink a glass of lemon water regularly. Given the digestive qualities of the lemon juice, symptoms of indigestion like bloating, belching and heartburn are relieved. Other than that, lemon can also act as a blood purifier and a liver tonic to help you digest your food better by encouraging your liver to produce more bile.
  1. Promotes Skincare. Being a natural antiseptic, lemon is also effective in treating skin-related problems. You can use it as an anti-aging remedy to reduce appearance of blackheads and wrinkles, as well as to fade your burn scars. Other than that, you can also use lemon water to rejuvenate your face and give it the kind of glow that your beauty products can’t give.


  1. Encourages Weight Loss. Other than its digestive and beauty benefits, one of the major health benefit that you can possibly get from lemon water is it encourages weight loss faster. Even if you choose to mix it with honey and lukewarm water, it’ll reduce your body weight the same way as well.
  1. Boosts Your Immune System. Since lemon is known to be rich in vitamin C, it’s a given that drinking lemon water can really give your immune system the boost it needs. Experts explain that your immune system is one of the first things that plummets when you’re stressed out, which is why they suggest popping some extra vitamin C regularly to ensure that your immune system remains stable.

Other than quenching your thirst, lemon water has a lot more to offer to improve both your health and appearance. So start making your own detox water now, and sip all of these benefits now.


5 Common Ways You’re Making Veggies Less Healthy



You may have decided to consume the recommended daily amount of veggies, but that doesn’t mean you’re reaping all its health benefits. If you want to get the most nutrition from your veggies, make sure to prep them the right way and avoid these common cooking mistakes.


  1. Using Any Kind of Oil

Stir-fry veggies seem like a good choice for dinner, but think again if you’re sautéing them in seed oils like sunflower seed oil and canola oil. These types of oil contain unsaturated fats that oxidize and become toxic when exposed to high heat. A healthier option is to sauté vegetables in coconut oil or in grass-fed butter.

  1. Overcooking

This is the most common mistake people do to their food. Oftentimes, overcooking leaves the vegetables mushy and dull in colour, so they are no longer appetizing to eat. The worst part, too much heat ruins its nutritious components. Your best bet is to steam your veggies for four to five minutes before frying them—or serve them right away after steaming them.


  1. Heating the Wrong Way

While microwaving is quick, it can easily overcook your vegetables, reducing its nutritional properties. Even worse, microwaving veggies in plastic containers can contaminate them with toxins, like BPA. If you nuking is necessary, do so in glass containers without plastic wraps.

  1. Peeling Veggie Skin

One thing that people do before cooking potatoes (and carrots, cucumbers, parsnips, etc.) is to peel the skin off. What most of us don’t know is that vegetable skin is full of valuable nutrients. And by peeling the skin off, the veggies is also stripped off significant amount of its nutrients. For optimal health benefits, do not peel the skin off.

  1. Tossing Them On the Grill

Grilling is a healthier cooking option because it doesn’t require oil to cook the food. However, the dry and very high temperature of the griller can deplete your veggies nutritional content. If you must grill your veggies, try using cooking baskets. But remember that too much heat is still isn’t good, so be sure to do it with caution.


Vegetables are naturally nutritious, but the way you prepare them greatly matters in terms of preserving their nutritional content. Cook your produce the right way and ensure you’re sealing all its nutrients for you and your family’s benefit.

Get Over with the Hangover!


8 Natural Cures for a Bad Hangover

Feeling a bit rough on the morning after enjoying the Singapore nightlife? Well, the last thing that you should believe to cure that feeling is the hair of a dog. Yes, drinking a little more alcohol can possibly help you feel a bit better, but you’ll end up feeling much worse when its effects wear off. Alka-Seltzer can be a good remedy, but if you’re looking for something more natural, then here are eight foods that could pass as great hangover cures.


  1. Tomato Juice

One of the best known cures for hangover is tomato juice. Just a glass of this drink can already replenish the vitamins and mineral lost after your long night out. It will rehydrate you and flush out any alcohol that might still be lingering in your system.

  1. Honey and Lemon Drink

A hot drink made of lemon juice, honey and water is another good cure for hangovers. It boosts your energy levels, and speeds up your hangover recovery. Honey works by breaking down the remaining alcohol and reducing the toxins found in your body, while lemon juice boosts the functioning of your liver. Water, of course, is in-charge of rehydrating you as dehydration is the main cause of the symptoms of hangover.

  1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is another perfect cure for a hangover as it helps in balancing your body chemistry a lot better than sports drinks. Singapore scientists have also proven that a pure coconut water contains the same levels of electrolytes as a sport drink, making it an ideal drink to hydrate your system and tame your hangover.


  1. Toast

Consuming few slices of toast is also proven cure for a hangover. The carbohydrates found in the toast aids in controlling your blood sugar, since your liver is busy in dealing with the booze that you downed the previous night. What makes it more ideal is that it’s easy for the tummy, especially when you’re in no mood for a heavy meal.

  1. Bananas

Headache isn’t the only thing that you need to cope with when you have a hangover. You also have to deal with the weakness that you’re feeling all over your body. Which is why eating a banana or two is a perfect cure for this as it quickly restores the potassium level in your body, allowing your muscles to function properly while giving your body its much needed energy boost.

  1. Eggs

Eggs, if you can eat them with a hangover, are also great for bringing your body back to balance after a night of excessive booze. The protein found in eggs helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels and in replenishing vitamin B, which is lost when you drink too much alcohol.

  1. Asparagus

Another great natural hangover cure is asparagus as it helps in boosting the enzymes in the body that breaks down alcohol. Eating it either before drinking, while drinking, or the morning after, helps in reducing the feeling of hangover faster.

  1. Ginger

A queasy stomach is one of the symptoms of hangover, and there’s no better cure for this than ginger. Chew on a candied or fresh ginger to ease your upset stomach. You could also add some ginger to your lemon and honey drink for an added relief for your hangover.

All these natural remedies will surely help in easing your hangover, but the most effective way to avoid getting a hangover after an all-out partying is to watch what you drink. This way, you’ll be able to have a good time, without feeling awful the following day.


Dealing with Detox Symptoms


Today, there are millions of people who are trying detox themselves because its countless benefits. Detoxification is a process wherein we are cleansing our internal body parts. Wondering how it is done? It’s very simple, taking a pee one. Another is pooping, crying and sweating; these are some natural cleansing activities that our body is doing.


Detox is one of the numerous natural therapies that became popular in the globe apart from hefty and strenuous exercise as well as massage. On the other hand, while detox is said to purify the body, you will always have to suffer from its symptoms. So, how are you going to deal with it?

If you are experiencing detox symptoms, here are the two methods to help you get though with its symptoms:

Young woman with headache

1. Slow it down. Actually, there are a couple of ways to slow down detox. When you are controlling detox, you can also handle detoxification symptoms. Now, to slow down detox indications, you must eat cooked vegetables and other foods. Make sure that all you eat are cooked and not the raw ones. In actuality, you are being introduced to eating, heavy foods which make the body adjust in consuming foods that are rich in fiber and rapidly quit ingesting raw foods. With this, it will give your body time to

2. Speeding Up Detox. At any given time, you can intensify your cleansing method and give your body what is due for it to keep on detoxifying. Yes, accelerating the detox process is a good technique if you think that you can get through the symptoms of detox as early as possible.


Changes that Acupuncture Can Do


There are many people who testified the positive result they have felt after undergoing acupuncture. For some, their energy level increased in hours while others in days. However, there are also instances that the energy level boosts for long weeks and may even remain for months.


The increase in mental clarity is more significant compared to other times. After acupuncture, there are some changes with regards to your decision-making. Also, it will increase your level of confidence. Through this, it will give you motivation to do more without forgetting he tasks you are going to do. Other changes that acupuncture can do are the following:

  • Makes you feel relaxed – As defined, acupuncture is a procedure done through insertion of needles to various spots in the body and balances the imbalanced system to produce a relaxing result.
  • Helps you sleep – One of the most common illnesses that acupuncture can treat is insomnia and weight loss. By making acupuncture as a treatment, it is possible for an insomnia patient to experience a more relaxing sleep.


  • It will gain you more friends – Talking about your experiences in acupuncture is very interesting. Therefore, making acupuncture a topic for any social gathering makes everyone get involved. Also, many people inside the group will ask you many questions which will eventually lead to gaining friends.
  • Makes you patient – If you are forcing yourself to buy your favorite food even if you don’t have enough money, then, this is the trait of being impatient. However, through acupuncture, it will help an individual become patient and let go of the things that he/she badly want.