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5 Ways to Be More Persuasive

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Some people are naturally charismatic and persuasive. Although persuasion is not something actually taught to us as we grow up, it’s definitely an important skill to have. Sometimes it can even dictate how successful you can be in life. So, without further ado, here are some ways for you to become more persuasive.

1. Know the difference between persuasion and manipulation

To put it simply, manipulation is to pressure someone to do what you want through guilt or force. Persuasion, on the other hand, is to get someone to do something that can benefit you and them. Knowing the difference is very important if you want to persuade someone and keep a healthy relationship with them.

2. Show the other person how it can benefit them

Again, persuasion is all about showing someone how an action can benefit both parties. For example, you’re trying to convince your girlfriend to go hike with you at the MacRitchie trail. You can show her the benefits of doing this to her health. It will be difficult to persuade someone to do something if they don’t gain anything from it or if they will have to suffer losses. So always point out the benefits.

3. Don’t complicate the conversation

You’ll have a difficult time communicating what you want if you’re already confusing the other person right from the start. It’s good to have a bit of an ice breaker but don’t drag it too long. If you take too long, the other person might just be confused or he/she will know that you’re trying to persuade them with something. So, just remember to keep things simple!

4. Consider the context

When we talk to certain groups of people, our language usually changes. For example, the terms and expressions we use with our friends can be different from the ones we use at the office when talking to our boss. You can basically think of this as context. You’ll have to consider context because you want the other person to understand you as much as possible. Why would you use teenage slang when talking to aunties who would never understand you?

5. Yield if you really can’t do it

If you think you really can’t persuade the person, just give it up. You won’t want to push a person too hard as it will only affect your relationship. If you fail to persuade someone with one thing, don’t worry too much. Sometimes these things don’t really turn out to be much of a deal. Plus, there might be a chance that you failed for a reason. You might get more benefits than if you actually convinced the person otherwise.

Simple Techniques to Memorize Better and Faster

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Whether it’s for a business speech, a presentation for school, or even some math formulas for a test, you have to use different techniques so that you can memorize your material properly. The thing is though, there are methods that can be much more efficient than others. So, let’s cut to the chase and check out some simple techniques that can help you memorize better and faster.


There are numerous advantages to recording yourself when memorizing. One is that you’ll rely on your own ears instead of looking at your copy. Let’s say you start memorizing a short paragraph in the speech. If you keep looking at the copy to read out what you just forgot, you might get used to that. So when you take the stage, you’ll just mess up because you don’t have a visual cue anymore. Another advantage is that you can force it in your subconscious. Some believe that when you listen to the recording while you sleep, you’ll remember the material better because it’s replayed again and again in your subconscious.

Write the material repeatedly

This tip can be more helpful if you actually memorized some lines of your material already. Instead of just speaking those memorized lines, it might help to write them down as well. And not just that, write them down again and again! This way, you’ll get to pay extra attention to what you’re saying as you can check if the words are correct as you write them down. If you think about it too, you’ll notice that you will have an easier time memorizing something while writing it down compared to just speaking it. You get to train your eyes, mouth, and ears by doing this as well.

Do a simulation using your surroundings

While practicing or even when you’re still trying to memorize some lines take advantage of your surroundings. If you’re making a presentation in a classroom, for example, try to memorize inside the classroom itself or somewhere close to it. By doing this you’re already readying yourself for the actual presentation as early as possible. Plus, you allow yourself to get comfortable with the venue by doing this. You’ll definitely have an easier time during the actual presentation. 

Teach or present it to someone

Let’s say you’re trying to memorize some important mathematical formulas for a test. One great way to test yourself on how much you’ve memorized is to teach the material to a companion. You can also try to make a test out of it for the other person to answer. By doing this, you’ll gain a better understanding of the material you have to memorize. Simply put, when you have a thorough understanding of something, you’ll be able to memorize it better and a lot quicker.

Ideas to Detach Yourself from Work

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Most of the stress we experience about being constantly congested with the pile of things to think about concerning our jobs is self-imposed. In this era where communication devices are at our fingertips and the expectation of 24/7 accessibility, it’s harder to detach ourselves from the sounding noise of work-related calls and messages. In fact, a 2016 “Working in Asia” survey by Roffey Park has found people from Hong Kong, China and Singapore spend more hours at work; 43% from Hong Kong, 45% from China and 52% of workforce coming from Singapore (highest one) says the level of their stress has gone up in the past in six months.

Here are ideas on how to disengage from work day after day:

Switch into a transition method

A long day at work along with the stressful effects it has placed upon you is such a terrible feeling to end your day. Before being able to fully enjoy your downtime, it’s crucial to know how to start establishing a mindset that will transition you from work to relaxation state. Putting your phone on silent mode or away for a while is a choice that’s entirely up to you. There is no harm if you choose to look away from work emails or messages for 30 minutes or so.

As you make your way home through subway, car, bus or even walking, tune into a type of music you would like to listen to or a funny podcast that would lift your mood. If you consider a store or park as a happy place, then drop by to that before heading home and savor the feeling it gives you. The act physically disconnecting yourself and having some uninterrupted time to unwind can transform you to a different person—you become calmer, attentive and less occupied.

Follow a ritual

Observing a ritual would mean something you can look forward to everyday after work that allows you to divert your mind from work. Rituals can mean a bubble bath, listening to jazz, watching TV or movie marathon at home; if it helps you calm down and decompress, it counts! It would help to plan on what you’re supposed to do when you reach home to avoid frustration, and keep your gadgets on the other room while you chill.

Socialize with your other circles

pending time with people socializing and having fun is a great way to shift your focus from work to downtime mood. It would sound better to hang out with the ones who are not in your corporate circle as conversations involving work cannot be avoided thus, might defeat your goal. Choosing to be in a different crowd would enable you to get some breath of fresh air and social outlet. Shake it off with friends and enjoy yourself—sometimes, it can feel like a rebellious act but it isn’t, it’s called free will.

The Truth Behind Millennial Job Hopping, According to Study

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It’s no surprise millennials have the reputation to be job hoppers. In turn, employee retention for companies has become a nightmare. But what if this job hopping phenomenon is not to be blamed all to millennials? What if employers themselves are failing at creating a workplace that will meet the needs and acceptable requirements of today’s generation?

Here are some truths behind the job hopping scheme of millennials, according to study:

Millennials don’t have the opportunity to showcase what they’re good at

According to a 2016 millennial survey of Deloitte, only 62% of 7,700 millennials from around the world agreed that they were able to maximize their skills in their respective jobs. Truth be told, activating what the employee is good at gives them a better appreciation and connection with the job they do.

Most entry-level or lower-ranked jobs don’t offer the opportunity for employees to make use of their skills and potential. Millennials need to be challenged and their ideas should be aroused on variety of projects. In turn, they will feel their value and stay engaged—an issue that is pressing with employees of any age.

Lack of career advancement in the company

A 2016 employee engagement survey led by Quantum Workplace (an employee engagement software company) showed more than half a million working professionals whose age is between 26 and 35 are the least engaged group. The said study also revealed that career advancement opportunities were one of the top factors of millennial engagement.

This report suggests that one of the main causes why this generation is disengaged at work is because they are not having the chance to professionally advance themselves. As a result, this drives them to look for another job thus, taking the route to job-hopping cycle. Some surveys in Asia similarly found this trend. For example, the MRIC Group 2015 Talent Survey in Singapore showed that even though only 14% of professionals change jobs in the previous year, about 33% say they are considering jobs in the current year. While in its nearby country, Malaysia, about 37.3% of millennials say they would leave their jobs when there’s no opportunity for promotion, according to a Vulcan Post poll.

Hard work is left unrecognized

In a 2015 Leadership IQ Survey, only 33% out of 3,000 employees under the age of 30 were convinced that their performance was at the right level. Lack of feedback and recognition that makes young professionals feel unsure about how well they are doing. That lack of communication can come across to have less importance in the organization. Without such attention, it becomes easier for them to be appreciated somewhere else.

A Guide to Efficiently Use Pinterest for Your Business


You created a Pinterest page for your business. That’s a good move, but are you really using it to its full advantage? Knowing the right Pinterest strategy will help you in gathering followers and reaching your business goals faster. But how can you ensure that you’re making the most out of your Pinterest boards? Simply put the following tips to work.

1. Fill Out Everything in Your Profile

This may sound basic, but a good number of people actually skip this step. To get the most benefit out of Pinterest, ensure that your profile is completely filled with the information about your business, along with the links to your Facebook page or any other networking site that you prefer. It’d also be a good idea to set your company logo as the primary photo if you’re working with a team. If you’re running your business on your own, however, then it’d be better to use your own photo. Clients would normally want to see the face behind the brand, especially with small businesses.

2. Show Variety in Your Pins

Although it’s crucial that you promote your business, it’s also important that you post ideas, resources and other websites that your followers might find useful. Consider it as stitching the best resources together to help establish a better social media following.

3. Develop Unique and Specific Boards

A lot of businesses in Pinterest create boards with general topics. This may appeal to the general audience at first, but they’ll likely turn into something generic later on. So instead of following this trend, choose to be specific and unique with your boards so you could create more buzz. A good example is, instead of a generic recipe board, create a marshmallow recipe board.

4. Personalize Your Account

Instead of sticking with topics that fall within your business’s niche, consider showing a little of your personality in your Pinterest account. Aside from creating boards that might interest your potential clients, develop a board that enables your followers to know who you really are. Create boards about your dream travel destinations, your travel plans, or the moments when you’re having a good time with your family.

5. Use It as a Collaborative Tool

Pinterest is now considered as a great way for people working on the same project to share ideas, images and other resources – especially now that the networking site already allows its users to develop private boards. So if you’re planning to hold a conference or an event, make the most out of this site by getting ideas from all over the web.

Using Pinterest to full advantage is actually quite easy. All you’ve got to do is be creative with your boards and your pins, and you’ll surely be able to reach your business goals in no time.

How to Improve Your Work?


One of the most important things in life is work. You will have a miserable life if you don’t have any work because work is one of the many sources of money. You need to work so that you can eat, you can buy clothes and many things that you need. Sometimes, your work too boring and too challenging and it is a normal situation that can happen in a company.



Challenging work is chosen by most employees because this is where the skills and capacity will be tested. However, for some they choose boring work because they are still paid even if they do nothing. Build a strong relationship with your co-workers. We see these people almost every day. They are the individuals that we should talk to achieve a good environment and lessen the stress all of you feel.


Many workers complain about differences and one of the reasons why workers quit is quarrel between employees. It is not really a good choice if you stay in a company that is full of maybe uneducated individuals and backstabbers. It will only stress you.

If you are employed in a specific company for so many years and there’s this individual who do everything just to be on top, do not let him do it especially when he is your worst enemy at work. Now, if you are a worker who is starting to build a career and you are not given the chance to do so, it will be a good choice if you go to another company that can help you build your career.



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