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French Beauty Secrets That are Worth Trying



French women have always inspired us with their beauty. The rumpled hair, the lit-from-within-skin – these are the things that we all covet. But unlike what most of us know, these lovely ladies still have some beauty secrets up their sleeves that are waiting to be discovered.




  1. Spray Some Facial Mists

Spritzing some water mist will freshen up your makeup midday. For dry skin, beauty experts recommend purchasing a hydrating and moisturizing mist like Evian Mineral Water Spray. If you’re looking for something to use on a daily basis, however, then Mario Badescu Facial Mist is for you. The facial mist has a sweet floral scent and is perfect for refreshing your makeup look any time of the day.

  1. Massage Your Face While Apply Face Cream

Regardless if you’re slathering a night or day cream, French beauties recommend that you apply it by doing small massage-like motions to tone the muscles in your face and make you skin look firmer. Start by massaging the product on your jawline going to the side of your face, moving up to your ears, then up to your cheekbones, temples, brows and your hairline. Doing this will work wonders in tightening your skin and relaxing you before going to bed.

  1. Go Easy on Your Makeup

If you’ve walked through the streets of Paris, you’ll notice that French women don’t wear too much makeup. They practise the minimalistic approach in their makeup look, applying just the basics like a light foundation, a little blush, some concealer and a chic lipstick.

Copy this trick by only using a BB cream or light foundation, concealer for dark under eye circles, and a few swipes of mascara. Apply some blush to add a hint of colour to your look and finish it off by brushing some powder on your face.


  1. Remove Your Makeup Using Micellar Water

Micellar water has been tested as one of the most effective way to remove makeup. It first became popular in France, but beauty brands like Simple and Garnier has since started creating their own versions. Micellar is deemed to be more effective than most face washes as it contains little oil balls that remove oil and dirt from your face – thus, resulting to a cleaner and glowing complexion.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Apart from using the right beauty products, French women also make sure that they stay well-hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water constantly helps in flushing toxins from the body and giving you glowing skin. In addition to drinking enough water, French women also eat more organic and whole foods. They limit eating foods with lots of fat and sugar, as well as anything that is highly processed.

Staying beautiful doesn’t have much to do about spending lots of money on beauty products. It is more on taking care of yourself inside out and ensuring that you stay happy while doing so. This is what all women around the world should practise to preserve their natural beauty.


A Guide to Shopping Skincare Products in South Korea


You’ve finally started planning your itinerary for your most awaited South Korea trip – but have you already considered all the beauty loots you’ll be purchasing? If you’re a true beauty junkie, then you know that the country is a home to life-changing beauty products. You definitely can’t pass the chance to hoard some multi-step Korean skincare products. To help you, here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of your skincare shopping time in Korea without going broke in the process.


  1. Book Tours That Stops By Cosmetic Shops

If you’re travelling to Seoul in groups and is planning to book city tours, consider choosing one that stops by cosmetic shops. Through this, you’ll be able to get special coupons, discounts, and freebies that some tour companies usually solicit for their clients. If you don’t like shopping in groups, however, consider visiting these shops during your free time.

  1. Visit the Right Shopping Districts

Although major regions in Seoul have a good number of beauty stores, the Myeong-dong shopping district would be your best bet if you’re planning to purchase Korean beauty brands. Alternatively, consider strolling Ewha Womans University as well as the neighbourhood of Samcheong-dong to score some affordable beauty finds and to purchase organic skincare products.

  1. Search for the Best Package Deals or Promos

As you visit Seoul, the “buy 1, take 1” or “10 + 10” (purchase 10 face masks to get another 10 masks for free) promos aren’t that hard to come by. The trick to scoring better deals is to take your time comparing each of them. Set half a day or two for your skincare shopping, and take note of the purchases you’re planning make. Also, keep track of the shops you’re planning to revisit by pinning them on Waze or Google Maps.


  1. Ask for Free Skincare Product Samples

Again, you don’t need to look far to get free product samples, since some shops would happily give you free face masks if you just enter and look around their store. Purchasing some products is another way of getting more freebies from them, but if they don’t offer the samples outright, don’t be afraid to ask.

  1. Learn Some Useful Korean Phrases Beforehand

While some shops have salespersons who can speak English, some of them might not, making it quite difficult for you to communicate with them. So make your shopping spree easier by memorizing phrases like Jom kkakgajuseyo for “Could you give me some discount?” Eolma-eyo for “How much does it cost?”, or Mulyo saempeul for “Can you give some free sample?”

Also, don’t underestimate the power of saying Kamsahamnida or thank you with a smile for it can earn you more samples as you leave the store.

Shopping for skincare products in Korea is every girl’s dream. So make the most out of your skincare shopping spree by putting the aforementioned tips to work.


Matching Your Hairstyle with the Shape of Your Face  



You realize that you need a new haircut when you look at the mirror. Yes, that happens instantaneously. Perhaps that is a good thing because new hairstyles will add appeal and zing if only you give it a try. You should feel glad to look different. Many Singaporeans want a new hairstyle but the problem is they do not know what to consider.


The good news is that there are many hair stylists here in Singapore. They can help since they are trained to make the best out of you but sometimes, they really do not know what you prefer. Sometimes, you need to decide on your own because you only know what is best for you.

Realizing that you need a new hairstyle is one step to looking better. Actually, finding the best hairstyle is not rocket science. With few tricks, you can look better than ever. You may be tempted to try many hairstyles donned by celebrities but before following their trend, you have to think of the shape of your face.

The shape of the face defines the best hairstyle for you. You have to remember that hairstyles can either alleviate your beauty or it can drag you lower. The face of your shape will serve as your foundation for whatever haircut you consider. A good haircut in the long run can emphasize your cheekbones, lips and eyes.

So, here are the shapes and what hairstyles to consider:

  • For women with oval-shaped face: Truth is, the ideal face shape is oval because of its versatility. If you have oval-shaped face, you have to maximize it. Oval-shaped face will highlight your features equally. Any hairstyle will do for oval-shaped face women.
  • For women with round-shaped face: For women with round-shaped face, they tend to look younger than other people because of their soft edges from the forehead to the chin not to mention their full and wide cheeks. The best hairstyles for round-shaped face should create length and height.


  • For women with heart-shaped face: Hairstyles for women with heart-shaped face should balance the chin and the jawline. Curls and waves would be great.


  • For square-shaped face: For women with square-shaped face, they are deemed as bold, confident and strong. Sleek hairstyles can be considered and if you want to soften the angles, curls and waves will be good.


  • For long-shaped face: Many long-shaped people just play it safe when it comes to hairstyle because they are not confident of their large chin and forehead. You have to try curls and waves since it can counterbalance the long shape.


Turn From Sweaty to Cutie with These Post-Workout Grooming Tips



Looking fresh and put-together when you step off the treadmill is as challenging as when you step off a long-haul flight. If you hit the gym before going to work, your post-workout grooming routine is the only thing that will save you from showing up in the office looking like a hot mess. So here’s a quick grooming guide to ensure you’re looking your best the even after hours of squats and deadlifts at the gym.


  1. Cool Down

To regulate body temperature and calm down the flushness on the face, splash cold water on your face, neck, and wrists. You can also do a quick shower to freshen up your entire body.

  1. Quick Detox

The latest flash facial gels are designed to cleanse the pores and infuse the skin with instant plumping properties like Vitamin C. Massage a dime-size amount of product onto the face for a minute, then rinse with cool water.

  1. The 5-Minute Makeover

Apply blur cream to quickly even out skin tone. If there are still imperfections peeking through, spot conceal with your favourite concealer. Don’t forget to set with powder, and apply tinted lip balm.


  1. De-Stink

Take care of the pits by using an antiperspirant. If you got seriously sweaty from a hardcore workout session, try this proven-and-tested trick: Spray anti-perspirant into the air and walk through it. The light, even coat of the product will keep you dry all day.

  1. Tame the Mane

Before hitting the gym, make sure to throw in a can f dry shampoo into your gym bag. Work the product through the roots to get rid of oiliness and add volume to your hair. Then, twist your hair into a top knot, and conceal the sweaty hairline with a wrap or a headband.

  1. Cologne Over Perfume

After fixing yourself, splash a bit of cologne to cancel out sweaty smell. Avoid perfumes, though, as they smell much stronger and may counteract with your body’s natural smell. Colognes have much milder scents and are alcohol-based, making them more appropriate choice for post-workout grooming.

Morning gym sessions may be the only way to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, especially to those people with busy schedules every single day, but that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable to look presentable in the office. Keep in mind these quick post-workout grooming basics, and you’ll leave the gym looking effortlessly gorgeous every single time.


5 Tips to Get a Good Makeup Lockdown


You’ve worked so hard to create a perfect makeup look, and without any warning, humidity and heat swoops into the picture and turns your work of art into a complete mess. The good thing is, you no longer need to sulk on your worn off makeup look. With the following fail-proof tips, you can now keep your makeup look on a complete lockdown even on the summer heat.


  1. Start with a Clean Face. We all know that water and oil don’t mix – and the oil on your face isn’t an exception to this rule! If you really want your makeup to last throughout the day, then start working with a clean face. Remove any oil and dirt using a gentle cleanser, then pat dry with a soft towel. After that, apply an oil-free and lightweight moisturizer with SPF and let it sit for a couple of minutes before applying your other beauty products.


  1. Always Prime. Noticed how your manicure looks good when you use a great base coat first? Well, the same thing actually goes for your makeup. Using a good primer is what will help you fill your pores, blur your imperfections and make your makeup last longer.


  1. Use the Right Products. One good way to have a long-lasting makeup look is to use the right products. Also, when applying face products, start with a thin layer first and just build your coverage from there. Applying thick layers in one go will only cause your makeup to look cakey and wear off. It would also help if you switch your usual products with waterproof formulas to prevent smudging all day long.


  1. Lock it In. Another simple way to have a longer-lasting makeup is to set it with a translucent powder, or a makeup setting spray. Using the latter on your face before and after your makeup routine will lock everything in place, and help your powder products look more natural on your skin.


  1. Bring Your Essentials With You. Effortlessly counter your melted makeup woes by bringing a small makeup kit with you. Ensure that you always bring your daily makeup essentials – your pressed powder, blotting papers and a cream-to-powder makeup stick – with you so that you won’t have to worry about your worn off makeup at the end of the day.

Seeing your makeup melt away mid-day can be really frustrating, but by following these fail-proof tips, you’ll definitely be able to make your makeup look last throughout the day.


5 Tricks to Organize Your Beauty Products


Organizing your makeup is no easy feat, especially if each season brings a new set of makeup must-haves. So are you wondering as to how you can possibly rule over your dresser filled with old and new beauty products? Try out these six creative tricks to keep your dresser organized and give yourself some extra prep time.


  1. Get a Vanity Tray. One good way to organize your beauty products is to place your everyday beauty items on a separate vanity tray, and store the less used items in your cabinet and drawer. If you want, you can also add some decors or designs on your vanity tray to give a more personalized feel to it.


  1. Categorize Your Beauty Items. Apart from purchasing a vanity tray, clustering your beauty products will also help you in keeping everything organized. You can use foam and acrylic containers to create attractive dividers or counters inside your drawer. Also, categorizing your items will help you in determining what products to purge, purchase and stop buying.


  1. Stash Your Extras. Keep the extra products that you don’t usually use in makeup bags and wall nooks save some space in your dresser. Stash them based on their use (party makeup, work makeup) or by product for an easier search later on.


  1. Repurpose Old Items. Don’t have the budget to buy new makeup organizers? Then utilize the everyday objects in your home as your makeup organizer. Grab your old latte bowl, tiered trays, and stackable containers then turn them into an affordable and inspiring DIY beauty product organizer.


  1. Designate a Beauty Corner. If you have enough room space, then we suggest that you create a personalized beauty corner with a side chair and table. After that, arrange your products in small boxes and glass trays for a more organized beauty station.

Organizing your beauty items is actually easy to do. All you’ve got to do is separate your daily essentials from those that you rarely use, and creatively organize them in your dresser or beauty station. Now cheers to a clutter-free dresser, and more prep up time.


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