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Caring for the Ageing Population

Caring for the Ageing Population


We are all headed in one direction – old age. If you have an elder in your house, there are times that you wish to send him/her away because you can no longer attend to his/her needs. Being tired is normal but you should never think about sending him/her away because they deserve something more than that. But if you are really thinking about nursing homes, make sure to locate a place near your neighbourhood so you can visit your elder all the time.

Do not think that elders are liabilities. They may be frail and sometimes they cannot remember but the fact remains that they contributed to the society. They deserve better treatment. You should increase your tolerance and patience when you deal with your elders. Here additional things that you can do to make your dealings with elders better and easier:


1. Ask what they want to eat. There is a big difference between what you want to serve and what your elder wants to eat. Ask your elder what they want to eat. If possible ask them to give you a grocery list. Give them freedom but limit it to the doctor’s recommendations.

2. Ask what they feels. Sometimes you do not have time to listen to your elder. Make it your habit to ask what your elders are feeling and just listen them complain. If they complain, do not attempt to cure them. The gesture of listening will lighten their load.

3. Interact with them. If you have spare time, you can ask your elder to play games with you. It doesn’t have to be a physical game because they cannot handle that. For example, you can invite them to play board games and card games just to keep them thinking.

4. Take them out. Sometimes elders need a breath of fresh air and they need a break from their monotonous life. For example, you can offer to drive them for twenty minutes or so. If they are up to it, you can eat out and watch movies together.

5. Give them personal space. If you can afford it, it is important that your elders have their own personal space. That means they need their own room, television set and telephone. Give them bed, chairs, cabinets and other things that they can call their own. This is to give them the belongingness that they deserve.

6. Let them do things. Elders should not be treated as children. They are not children. They want to prove that they can still do something valuable in the household. If they are asking to do something, you should give way. For example, if they ask to fold the laundry, let them do it.

7. Always say “I love you”. The most important thing is you always say “I love you” to your elder. Tell them that you are thankful for the times you shared. They only need to be assured that they are not unwanted in the household. If you constantly affirm your love to them, they will never feel worthless.